How Fasting can Help You Loss Weight in 10 Days

Fasting is generally recommended for all people as a routine exercise, not necessarily because of its spiritual powers, but morealso for its health benefits. Fasting kills obesity, the same way germolene kills fish in the water. Fasting is obviously the best therapy for weight-loss.
What is fasting?
Fasting is simply going off food for a specified period of time for a definite purpose. If you call it dieting in its medical nomenclature, you are not wrong. The big truth is that it is not just a religious activity but a vital medical therapy for a sound health of which weight-loss is inclusive. You can also fast from anything that takes much of your time and attention like television, Internet, sports etc, just to concentrate on spiritual things. There are basically two kinds of fasting namely, total or complete fast and there is a partial fast. The total or complete fast requires that you go off food for some couple of days or weeks without eating or drinking until the period is completed. It is also known as dry-fast. This kind of fast could be very severe and needs to be done under the supervision of a medical expert. The partial fast goes off food for some hours, days and weeks, eating or drinking occasionally as desired. Suffice it to add that merely going off food for few seconds or minutes will never produce the desired result. The fasting that works must be a focused and dedicated fasting. However it is recommended you drink plenty of water when you are fasting for weight-loss. The water will help to flush the broken down toxins in your tissues out of your system.
How Fasting Helps You to Loss Weight
1. Fasting helps you to loss weight by breaking the tyranny of king stomach over your body thereby allowing you eat responsibly.
2. Fasting gives your body a holiday from daily food consumption in order to naturally detoxify your system from excess accumulation of cholesterol and toxins.
3. Fasting disciplines your flesh and brings your appetite under your control.
4. Fasting will make you lose some good pounds of weight when you make it your habit and not just an occasional stuff.
5. Fasting will make you lose more weight if you connect it with prayer to receive some spiritual blessings from God.
Fast for 10 days, eating only once a day by 9pm daily. During the fast, drink plenty of water in the day time to flush your system. Engage in some kinds of physical exercise like fervent prayer, jumping, running or playing football during the day time. I am confident that if you follow my instruction painstakingly, you will lose some good pounds of weight and slim down beyond your widest imagination. Do you like this post? Please drop your feedback or comments below, I will appreciate it. Don't forget to come back to this site for more interesting updates. Remain blessed.

... Your life Coach, Damian Alamba .


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