How to Enjoy Your Life as a Single

Being a single is not a sin. It is not a crime to be unmarried. So you are not under a curse because you are a single. Congratulations if you are a single because it is wonderful to be a single. Unfortunately, many singles don’t understand this, so they are always in a hurry to get out of the single stage and get married. Life is in phases and people are in sizes. Every stage of life prepares you for the next one. The good news about the single stage is that it gives you the opportunity to prepare for marriage. For instance, there are things you can do as a single which you cannot attempt to do as a married man or woman. Friend, it is better to be single and believing God to get married than to be married and praying to be single. So take time to enjoy yourself as a single. Celebrate yourself as a single. Your time as a single is a very unique opportunity that God has given you and it is primarily for the purpose of preparation. So how do I enjoy my singlehood?
1. Discover yourself: One of the greatest discoveries you will ever make on this earth is the discovery of your own self. Until you discover yourself as a single, you will never know the joy of being a single. And when we talk about self-discovery, we are talking about discovering your purpose for living. The truth you must know is that marriage doesn’t determine your purpose but your purpose will determine your marriage. To enjoy your time as a single, you must find out why you are on this earth and what you are sent here to do. You need to know where you belong on the earth, so that you can maximally take charge there. Being a single is not a time to play around. It is a time to discover your divine purpose, so that you can deliberately find fulfillment when you get married.
2. Develop yourself: To enjoy your time as a single, you must take some giant steps towards developing yourself and enhancing your capacity. And to do this, you need to acquire relevant knowledge and skills. It is sad to see some singles who are talking loud about getting married and when you get closer to them, you find out that they are empty vessels bereft of knowledge and capacity. Before you get married, it is expected that you must have read at least fifteen books on marriage and relationship. As a single lady, get some facts about domestic chores. Learn how to cook good food. Don’t always assume that your maid or house-help will always do that for you. Because one day, the wind will blow and expose the anus of the fowl. Your duty as a single man or woman hoping to get married one day is to develop a good character. Hear me, your beauty as a single lady will only attract your man to you, it is your character that will keep him close to you for a lifetime. The same applies to the single man.
3. Benefit yourself: No one can give you what you are supposed to give yourself. Before you jump into marriage, it is wise to do yourself some little favour. Succeed as a single and marriage will just be a bonus fun. When you fail as a single, it is likely that you will also fail when you get married. Benefit yourself, do something to help yourself and others around you. Don’t just sit down in your corner and fold your hands into your legs waiting for marriage to come and salvage you from poverty and frustration. You can be a success, an achiever and a multi-billionaire even as a single. Please benefit yourself!
4. Appreciate yourself: mediocrity or low self- esteem is the problem of many singles today. And this has resulted to many social vices such as alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, depression, violence etc. Take it or leave it, if you don’t appreciate yourself, no one will ever appreciate you. If you don’t like what you have, who else will like it. So take your time to enjoy yourself. Adore the hidden queen and king in you. Look at yourself and tell yourself, “I like me”. Tell yourself, “I am very beautiful, the best among my class!” Be happy about your looks and body stature. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The lady rejected by one man can become another man’s beautiful queen. If someone turns your down, the most stupid thing to do is to cry or to kill yourself. However, if your brain is still in your skull, you need to celebrate yourself because that man or lady is not worthy to have you. Sometimes, what people call a broken engagement is
nothing but deliverance in disguise. A broken engagement today is better than a heartbreak and divorce tomorrow. Appreciate yourself!
Are you born again? Remember if you are not saved, you are not safe! Give your heart to Jesus Christ today and watch as your life changes from glory to glory. Do you like this article? Please leave your feedback or comments below, I will appreciate it. Don't forget to come back to this site for more interesting updates. Remain blessed.
... Damian


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