How to Be Free from domestic violence

Domestic violence is a menace to both societal and family peace . As a matter of fact, a society or family where there is a constant outbreak of domestic violence will suffer untold setback, frustration and poverty. When there is domestic violence, people destroy in a second things that took them many years of hard work to build. They are prone to replacing damaged things instead of acquiring new properties. Domestic violence is the short cut to poverty. The money which is supposed to be used for crucial family projects is usually  being used to settle police case, pay hospital bills to treat wounds and injuries incured from domestic violence. By all measurement, it is obvious that domestic violence has no single benefit but a bunch of disadvantages, pains and regrets. It is not worth doing. I want you to see the disadvantages of domestic violence and condemn it yourself. Once you grasp this truth, you will be forever free from the temptations of domestic violence.  What is domestic violence? In my opinion, domestic violence comprises among other things, a husband turning his wife into a punching bag, the wife beating her husband, incest, and man slaughter etc. When a wife allegedly pours acid, hot water, grinded pepper or any harmful substance on her husband or family member, it is called domestic violence. And it is a criminal act punishable in a court of law. Unfortunately, many married wives do these barbaric acts in ignorance. Please if you are among such women, desist from such acts. No matter how angry you may claim to be against your husband, that should never push you into such a devilish act. Many people have committed murder through domestic violence. Your home is supposed to be a place of peace and rest, not a war zone or human slaughter house. When your home is plagued by domestic violence,  the members of the family are prone to take to the street. But there is no problem without a solution. Probably, you have been going through this kind of problem in your marriage and relationship, i am going to show you the way out. My main target in this article is to make you the husband not to beat your wife again, and as well make you the wife not to make your Husband to beat you. Take it or leave it, any man who beats his wife is a weak man. Strong men don't beat their wives, they protect them. Only the weak one beats the weaker ones. As a husband, God put you in that home to protect and defend your wife. Hence, when you begin to beat and torture your wife who you are sent to protect and defend,it shows that you are not a real man, but an animal. Does that sound too harsh? Pardon, it is because of the seriousness of the subject we are dealing with here. However, If you are a real man and not an animal, then stop beating your wife. Learn to use your power to protect and defend your wife. Now,  one more thing you need to know is that you and your wife are no more two people, but one person. You and your wife are just one body. Can you beat yourself? Well, except if you have taken marijuana. Any man who beats his wife is a mad man. His head is not correct. Because no man can beat himself. You and your wife are no more two but one. This is the truth you need to be totally free from wife beating. Now to the wife, i write, your mouth is not supposed to kill you. Learn to keep quiet when your husband is angry and talking. It is better not to try to explain anything at that time because he is not in a good frame of mind to listen to you. Your duty is to go on your knees pleading, '' please i am very sorry dear!''  '' I am sorry'' is a three word sentence which can only take one second to say. But can change the whole situation. Wife, learn to say sorry even when you know that you are not wrong for the sake of peace. Don't try to do big lady when this kind of situation arises, else you will pay dearly for it . Prevention is better than cure. Be totally submissive to your husband in everything. When you obey this biblical instruction given to every wife by God, you will escape from being beaten red and black. And you will have peace in your marriage and family. Was this article helpful?  Your  comments and questions in regard to this article will help me to improve on it in my subsequent writings . Please drop your comments in the comment box below and remember to visit this site again for our newest posts. Remain blessed
... Your life Coach, Damian Alamba


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