How to Break the Back of failure

Failure is not a person, it is an experience. Even if you have failed a thousand times in the past, you can still succeed today and tomorrow. Probably you have always wanted to succeed in your business, finance, Relationship and spirituality but always met face to face with failure each time it appears that you are getting close to success. Whatever the limitation is, i have a good news for you. Success is more closer to you than failure is. Now i want to show you how to break the circle of failure. Are you ready for this?  Sure you are! Below are 7 Steps to break the back of failure.
1. Never give up. Many failures are those who never knew how close they were to their success before they gave up. Winners never quit and quitters can never win. Refuse to give up.
2. Try again. It is a risk not to take a risk. To break the Back of failure, you must keep trying your best until you hit success.
3. Improve yourself. There is always a reason for failure. It could be that you don't have the requisite knowledge, skill or capacity to get your desired result. So you need to improve continuously. Acquire more knowledge, get new skills or polish up the one you already have. By every means increase your capacity.
4. Check your character. We are always concerned about what we want to achieve,  but hardly take thought about who we want to become. Success is not about having a fat bank account or pocket full of pounds and dollars. Success is more about having a good personality. Therefore you must be concerned about who you are becoming more than what you are achieving.
5. Learn from your past mistakes. While it is always good to forget your past, but it is only necessary when you have learnt your lessons. When you fall, get up but always look around to find out what made you to fall in the first Place. If you don't learn that lesson, you may keep repeating your blunder again and again.
6. Believe in possibilities. What you believe will determine what you will achieve. If you don't believe that you can succeed even after failing so many times, success will elude you. Therefore, be a man and woman of faith.
7. Make God your first resort, not last. Many fail because they never consult God first before embarking on their journey. When God is involved, good must come out of it. So get close to God. Seek His direction first and He will make you to be successful. I close with this scripture, '' Trust in the Lord with thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him,  and He shall direct thy paths'' Proverbs 3:5-6. See you at the top. Do you like this post? Please drop your feedback or comments below, I will appreciate it. Don't forget to come back to this site for more interesting updates. Remain blessed .
... Your life Coach, Damian Alamba.


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