50 Wisdom Keys for Singles on Marriage


1. Never marry anyone out of pity, else your marriage will end up in the pit sooner than you expected.
2. Never believe that your partner will change after marriage, if the change does not exist before marriage forget it.
3. The marriage that will not work shows its signs early but if you neglect the warning signs, whatever you see in the marriage is your fault.
4. Never displease God to please anyone, any man or woman you abandon God to get will leave you in the middle of the road.
5. Wedding is not marriage. Your wedding is a matter of few hours but marriage is a lifetime labour. Prepare  for marriage.
6. Sex is not love. That someone is good in bed does not mean they will make a good home.
7. Don't marry things like money, car or house. Marry a person you know very well.
8. Anyone who is not committed to you before marriage may not be committed to you after marriage. Watch it from the beginning.

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9. Marrying a comedian does not guarantee a happy home, obeying biblical principles for a happy home does.
10.  Any man who is stingy towards God is a potential mate for a bad marriage because he will never give to his wife.
11. Never win an argument and lose your marriage. It is better to accept to be wrong for peace to reign.
12. Silence is better than saying something you will regret for saying later.
13. If you want to marry the right man or woman become a right man or right woman. For like attracts like.
14.  When God wants to bless you, he puts a a right partner in your life; when Satan wants to destroy you, he puts the wrong partner  in your life.
15. It is better to be single believing God to get married than to be married and praying to be single and alone.
16. Avoid a contentious, nagging and angry  woman.
17. There are 5 dangerous Men to avoid: a. A womanizer b. A hot tempered man
c. A drunkard. d. A stingy man. e. A lazy man.
18. Never be in a relationship with anyone who refuses to be in a relationship with Christ.
19. There are 3 words that bring peace in marriage: a. I am sorry b.
Thank you c. I love you.
20. Marriage does not stop lust, self control does.
21. Co-habitation is the trademark of cheap ladies. A lady who  knows her worth and value cannot cohabit with a man who has not paid her bride price.
22. God is not the author of gay marriage, Satan is. The scripture says, '' in the beginning God made them male and female''. Deal with any gay-marriage fantasy.
23. Masturbation is an addiction. Don't start what you cannot stop.
24. Marriage without friendship is like a sea without water.
25. The marriage you didn't prepare for will confuse you when you get into it.
26. A successful marriage is always a triangle: A good man, A good
woman, and God.
27. For a happy marriage, why  you marry is as important as who you marry.
28. 50% of your happiness in life will  depend on your marital choice.
29. As a man when choosing your life partner, don't look at things that are not constant. Look for a lady who can love you for who you are and support your dream with all she has.
30. Do not place your priority on fine face, her face will get wrinkles when old age comes, her big boobs will fall as children come and her hip may even become flat before her menopause begins .  Good looks are temporal but character is constant. Note no woman is ugly, she only needs rebranding and packaging.
31. There are 3 Major qualifications  to look for in a woman: a. Character
 b. Capacity  c. Compatibility  (Beauty is vain).
32.  The quest for woman freedom is a struggle in futility. No godly woman is really free. God put the woman in subjection from the beginning of her life to the end of it. She is first under the control and authority of her father when she is a little girl and when she becomes a mature woman, her father gives her over to her husband to continue in subjection under her husband's authority. So no godly woman is free.
33. Love is not blind, infatuation and lust is blind.
34. Agape love puts God first, Lust puts sex first.
35. The test of true love is peace of mind, if peace of mind is absent, God is not in it.
36. If you are a true friend before marriage , the chances are you will remain  true friends in the marriage .
37. You can give without loving but you can't love without giving.
38. When you are desperate to get married, you stand the risk of making the wrong choice.
39. Bad marriages can be avoided before they begin by saying no to sex before marriage .
40. If you sell off your virginity before marriage you will lack the authority to earn your trust .
41. Don't convert to marry, you can never be sure of the authenticity of salvation of a babe in the Lord .
42. The curses that broke your parents marriage may break your own marriage if you don't break them.
43. Marriage is a covenant, not a contract.
44. It is not a sin to be single and it is never a sin to get married.
45. A broken engagement is better than divorce .
46. That you are in courtship with someone doesn't mean you are married to that person. If you find his or her character negative, call it a quit. You didn't sin by doing so.
47. Marriage is 50% spiritual and 50% carnal. Don't be too spiritual to ignore the basic things you should do to make your marriage work. Be presentable.
48. Never marry someone you don't love.  You can't cheat nature.
49. Ladies never marry a man you cannot submit to.
50. Marriage is not the end of the world, it is just the beginning of a new experience. Enjoy it.
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