How to avoid being a rape Victim

 how to avoid being a rape Victim,
Almost in every court today there is one or more rape case to be addressed both within and outside the country. News and stories about rape cases are quite enormous both on the frontpages of our newspapers and the online media. We have seen cases of men raping defenceless women in various calous ways and women raping young men at gun point. There are different types of rapists as one can see. There are business rapists. These are hoodlums who rape their victims in the name of business partner or providing job or other incentives. These business rapists are every where on the social media. They parade themselves with fake profiles and pictures of prominent citizens, rich men, Celebrities etc. Once you get caught in their trap,they will invite you to a hotel for interview (imagine that!). Another group of rapists is what I call household rapists. These are wicked family members such as father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, niece, cousin etc. It is very easy to identify a household rapist. Once you discover your family member making sexual advances on you either by verbal statement or any other means, don't take it for granted you may be looking at a household rapist without knowing. And if you don't stop him at this phase by exposing him or her to other responsible family members, the rapist will translate his or her inordinate affection into a deadly action in the near future. I like to describe the third group of rapists as vice rapists. This group is the most difficult one to identify and to handle. They include armed robbers, gangsters, prostitutes , drug addicts, drunk friends, fake transporters, deliquent co- workers or colleagues etc. I believe with what we have discussed so far, you can easily identify a potential rapist anywhere you see them. So how can one avoid being a rape victim? Take heed to my humble advice below:
1. If you are a lady, don't visit or stay with any man in a private room alone, except you are very sure of the person's character. Go in the company of two or three friends stronger than you.
2. As a single lady avoid scamming men to get money. Framing fake stories and lies to defraud them of their hard earned money can push them into hacking means to rape you.
3. Don't always accept a free car lift. Many have become rape victims by accepting a free car lift from a total stranger. Use public transport but if you don't have transport fare, use your legs to trek home or remain where you are until God provides for you.
5. Be content with what you have, where you are and who you are. Every greedy or convetuous person is prone to become a rape victim.
6. As a married lady, never visit a man without the concept of your husband. If you are visiting a stranger for the first time, go with your husband.
7. Avoid walking alone in the night through dangerous places as you may be attacked by rapists and no one Will be around to help you out.
8. Avoid wearing sexually explicit clothes that expose your private parts , as wearing such clothes increases your risk of being raped. Dress modestly.
9. Never be in a romantic relationship with your father, mother, bro, sis, uncle etc as incest will always lead to rape in the long run.
10. When you visit a stranger, don't eat or drink anything given to you as such foods or drinks may be drugged to get you raped.
11. Don't date an under age person as whatever good relationship you have with her or him may be framed into a rape aligation and the child will be unable to defend you.
12. Never sleep with a friend of the opposite sex who is drunk as such person may rape you without knowing when.
13. Report every rape attempt made on you to your parents, elder ones and the nearest police station. Don't cover up.
14. Incase you have been raped in the past, don't live all your life with emotional trauma. Forget the past and move on with your life. Harbouring eternal hatred in your heart against the person that raped you will never reverse the case. Forgive yourself and also forgive the one that raped. This will change the situation for your good.
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-Damian Alamba


  1. Big thanks Evang. Damian for your kind and wise advice.
    Wisdom is profitable for direction.
    May God continue to protect all our loved ones out there and I pray that the culprit will encounter light and the word of God

  2. You are welcomed Charity Chinwe, I am glad you found my post useful. Please come back for updates and remember to bookmark this site. Remain blessed.


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