The Paragon of an Ideal Woman

Ideal Woman, virtuous woman, dynamic woman

To be born a girl is by chance but to become a woman is a choice. It is not the two balls on your chest that makes you a woman, it is your unique feminine character that distinguishes you from the rest of God's creatures. What is it that makes an ideal woman? The scripture says, '' favour is deceitful and beauty is in vain, but the woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised''. Going by that light, we can clearly see that it is the fear of God that makes an ideal woman. An ideal woman is that woman who loves God unconditionally. She is the type that can forgo anything just to keep her faith in God. The ideal woman makes no pride in her beauty. She makes no pride in her education. She makes no pride in her well paying job or fat bank account. God is her only asset. An ideal woman does not expose her private parts in the public. She dresses like a queen with dignity and honour. She counts her words while speaking because she does not speak foolishly. She is always humble and quiet. The ideal woman is not coveteous. She is content with whatever she has. Because she understands that the value of life is not measured by the abundance that one has but by how well we live to please God and impact humanity positively. Are you an ideal woman? Can God boast with you? Or is God regretting why He didn't allow you to die when you were in the womb? Its never too late to start with God. No matter the problem you are going through as a woman, God has an answer for your troubles. Reach out to God now and be an ideal woman. Was this post useful ?  Please leave your comments below, I will appreciate it. God bless you!
- Damian Alamba


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