What your boy friend will never tell you - advice to all ladies

A wise man said, '' a bird at hand worths much more than two in the bush''. One error I have seen on this earth which is the mark of foolishness is that many married ladies leave their husbands and marriage and run away from their matrimonial home with a hope that there is a better man out there waiting to marry them.  The single ladies also make the same mistake, even when they claim they are engaged to a man, you still see some of them seeking for attention or relationship from another man. Therefore, it is important for me to advice those care to listen. That so called boy friend out there who is deceiving you to leave your husband, your matrimonial home or your engaged partner will never tell you the following :
He will never tell you that all he is interested is to have  sex with you. He will never tell you that he doesn't want to marry you. He will never tell you that he already has another lady somewhere who he is planning to wed soon. He will never tell you that after bringing you out of your matrimonial home and breaking your marriage, he would abandon you half way and disappear. He will never tell you that the money and gifts he is lavishing on you now will not be permanent. He will not tell you that the love he sings for you everyday is fake. He will never tell you that there is no future in the secret love that both of you are playing in the dark corner. Could it be that you are leaving the road and wandering in the bush? Who is trying to deceive you? Be content with what you have. There is no perfect spouse out there. If you abandon the man God has given you and run to another man, another lady will take him and by the time you will return from exile, it will be too late. Be wise daughter of destiny . Was this post helpful? please drop your comments below.  God bless you.
... Your life Coach, Damian Alamba


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