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How to Handle a Nagging Wife

Nagging as it regards to women and relationship is constantly harassing someone to do something. It also means to consistently say or do something that annoys someone. A nagging wife or girlfriend will always complain about anything her man does, whether good or bad. You will know a nagging woman by what she will say and do when she is angry and pissed off. A nagging wife or girlfriend is a faultfinder and her mouth is very sharp. She is very loud and cantankerous. Nagging can spoil or destroy a good relationship or marriage. Now several men complain that their wife is a nagging type. In this post, I want to show our dynamic men out there how to handle a nagging wife so that peace and harmony will reign in the family.
1.Live with your wife with understanding- 1 Peter 3:7
As a man, the best way to handle your nagging wife or girlfriend is not to beat her. Turning your wife or girlfriend into a punching bag won’t stop her from nagging the next day. Abandoning your home and children won…

How to Attract Your Ideal Woman

Are you looking for a girlfriend or a good woman to marry? Whichever one you want, there are certain things you can do to attract your ideal woman. Let go of your phobia to approach a lady for a relationship. Discard every kind of fear and wrong perspective you have for women. As a man, you should know what to do to attract any woman of your choice. You need to allow women to see you as the person you are and like you for who you are and not for what you have. You don’t have to sacrifice your personality or pretend to be who you are not just to get a woman to like you. All you need is to make good adjustments in your life and character, any woman with the right mentality will appreciate you for who you are. In this post, I shall be sharing with you 7 things you can do to attract your ideal woman. Let’s get started.
1.Practice Good Hygiene
Women, generally like a good looking guy who is neat and dresses fine. Practicing good hygiene will be a nice bait to attract your ideal woman. Kee…

How to Know if You are in Love or Lust

Are you confused about whether you are in love with him or her or just burning with lust? Are you admiring someone  from afar or someone admiring you? This post will help you to filter out your feelings. I believe that after reading this post, all your confusion in this area will vanish and you will  be able to distinguish between true love and a burning lust. Love is not just a feeling or emotion. A feeling or emotion is not constant. They come and go as occasion demands. You can feel good when something good happens and feel very bad the next minute when something bad happens. But that’s not what love is. Love is not sex. You can agree with me that even prostitutes do have sex with their customers who they don’t even love. Someone can have sex with you but doesn’t love you. Love is not a gift, money, car, house or other material things. Someone can buy you anything just to sleep with you when in actual sense he doesn’t love you enough to commit himself to you, let alone going into …

7 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Man

Sometimes, it may baffle you how an average looking woman will attract a handsome and well to do guy. It is not luck, chance or charm. Every woman can attract her ideal man if she applies the right principles. In this post, I shall be sharing with you some vital principles that can help you to attract your ideal man for relationship or marriage. Do you really want to know how to attract a quality, loving and responsible guy? If your answer is yes, then read on.
1. Make it your habit to look good always: Men are always moved and attracted by what they see. If you want to attract a good looking, quality and responsible guy, you must make it your habit to look good all the time. Work on your looks and don’t take it for granted that no matter how good a product is, if the container has a very bad look, no one will care about what is inside the container. As a woman, it is very important to look neat and fresh all the time. Your hair should be properly kempt. Your manicure, pedicure and m…

How to Talk to Your Man

It is not a rumour that many women don’t know how to talk to a man. Sometimes when you see some women in a relationship talking to their husband or partner you may even wonder if she is talking to her house-boy or what. The truth is any woman who does not know how to talk to a man will always have unnecessary misunderstanding with her man. In this post, I shall be sharing with our women out there how to talk to their man, so that they can have a better romantic and happy relationship with their man. Read on if you want to know more:
1. Give your man your attention when talking to him. A divided attention when talking to your man will always get a negative reaction from him. When you are talking to your man or when he is talking to you, give him all your attention. Don’t be talking to your man and be pressing your mobile phone at the same time. Don’t sit with your two legs crossed, chewing gum, watching movie or doing other irrelevant things when your man is talking to you. That shows…

5 Ways to give Your Spouse a Better Sex life

The science and art of love making involves more than just actual intercourse; it takes some extra effort on the part of the man and the woman to make sure that both are sexually satisfied.
While most partners focus on their own pleasure at the detriment of their lover, it is important to know that this could actually have a negative effect on your marriage in the long run with issues like your partner losing interest in love making and even seeking for sexual satisfaction from someone else if the partner involved is not a child of God.
Here are the simple ways you can make your spouse happy every time you make love together.
1. Be romantic
A lot of men and women just cannot be bothered about romance and we don’t know why considering it goes a long way in making the process memorable for both the man and the woman. It is not that hard really just throw in a little something extra – As the man, get her flowers, a nice bottle of wine, chocolates, good music, tell her how beautiful she …

What Name would You Call Your Spouse?

There is a spirit behind every name. whatever name you call your Spouse is what he/she will manifest to you.  Hence,  when considering the name to call your Spouse, you shouldn't call him/her  cheap things like sweet and honey. How much is a packet of sweet and a bottle of honey?  Such things can't cost $5.  Rather name your spouse expensive things like my oil well,  my gold mine,  my Ferrari,  my private jet etc. Secondly,  don't call your Spouse such names that are not romantic e.g  daddy and mummy. If your spouse is your daddy or mummy, how will you make love to him/her?  You would be committing incest.  You have had a daddy and mummy and your spouse can't be another daddy or mummy. your spouse is your one and only lover and you must give him or her a great name suitable for a lover. Lastly, don't call your Spouse Papa Joseph or Mama Blessing. That sounds like calling a stranger. Assuming your spouse didn't born a child for you, won't you give her a  goo…

The Importance of Sex in Marriage

"And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed." Gen 2:25
Many marriages are yet to recover from the shame of adultery and infidelity. If you want to stay away from the shame of adultery and infidelity in your marriage, begin to see the importance of effective sex life in your marriage. Let me say this in a very clear term, sex before marriage is sin. It is called fornication. And God hates it. Sex with someone outside your marriage is adultery. God hates adultery, that's why he prepared the marriage bed to give the husband and his wife the opportunity to get all the sexual satisfaction they desire. Until you get married, you have no license to have sex. If you are single, zip up ! Sex is worth waiting for. Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. Then to our married men and women, the day you got married was the day you signed a lifetime contract for sex with your spouse. You are not doing your spouse any favour by giving him or her sex. …

Understanding the Man's World

Some of the problems many women have with their husbands in marriage are as a result of inability to understand the masculine gender and how a man functions. The first thing a woman who wants to make her husband happy and succeed in marriage should try to know is to understand the man she has come to live with for her lifetime. She should seek to know what the man likes and what he hates. She should strive to know how her man behaves and why he behaves the way he does. All these things cannot be done in one day. Marriage is a lifetime school of learning. You will never stop learning new things from your spouse as the day goes by even if you are married for a decade. For the sake of space, let me quickly say that men are different from women in their behavior and reasons in various ways. Men are not emotional beings, they are logical beings. So many times a man doesn't walk by emotions, he walks with facts and figures. Men are rational thinkers. They consider the two sides when mak…

12 Foolish Things Some Married People Do

1. Some men refuse to eat their wife's food when they are angry. That's very stupid. Is the food not cooked with your hard earned money? Who is losing, you or your wife?
2. Some women refuse to cook for their husband when they have a misunderstanding with their husband. If you do that as a wife, you have given your husband free ticket to eat outside. That's very stupid you know.
3. Some husband and wife refuse to sleep together when they have a little misunderstanding. When you do that, you are giving your spouse a free ticket to look for someone to sleep with. Be wise.
4. Some married people begin to break TV, destroy refrigerator and other things in the house when their spouse offends them. That's total madness. Did the TV or fridge offend you? If you destroy refrigerator now, which one will you use tomorrow?
5. Some married people cheat on their spouse when there is a misunderstanding among them. That's foolishness. Even if you reconcile tomorrow, guilty conscie…

Building Trust in Your Marriage

Trust  is not forcefully demanded in a  relationship. Trust  is earned. Trust is not  a  wedding gift or love song,  trust  is built up by a spouse who wants  to  experience marriage without tears.
Covenant values of trust
1. Trust will make your spouse or partner to commit  greater responsibilities into your care.  Some people don't allow their spouse to touch certain areas of their business, finance, ministry etc bcos they don't trust their spouse. When your spouse trusts you,  he/she wouldn't mind putting everything in your hands.
2. Trust will move a good marriage to a better marriage and a better marriage to the best marriage.
3. Trust will provide everlasting security to your marriage and relationship such that when others are crashing,  your own will be  bouncing.
4. Trust will reveal you as a  man or woman of integrity, values and godly standard before your spouse.
5. Trust will make your spouse to defend you both in public and in private when people criticize an…

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Again

1. You should  love  again  because God does not  consult your past  to determine your future . Even if you have failed  several times in love and relationship,  God can put your  broken  pieces  together  again  and give you  the love of your  life.
2. You should love again because disappointment is not final  and love  has no end.  You can always find someone who will give you the  true  love you have  so much desired,  if you keep believing  in love and search tirelessly  for  it.
3.  You should love again because you shouldn't allow somebody to  just walk into your life,  ruin your happiness and  disappear into the thin air.  You 've got to be strong, encourage yourself and move on  as if nothing happened.
4. You should love again because while you sit in your corner crying and weeping  over those who hurt you, rejected you, broke  your  heart and abandoned you, they are somewhere enjoying  themselves  with  another lover. So make  yourself  happy  too.
5. You  should love…

10 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Marriage

A wise one learns from the mistakes of others , but the fool wants to experience it himself . Some mistakes in marriage are irreversible once they have been made . And if you are able to reverse them , you will reverse them with much injuries .  It is important for you to know these mistakes now that you are not yet married and avoid them by all means . Now let's see what these mistakes are.  1. Never marry anyone out of pity else you end up in the pit. Some people make the mistake of using their marital destiny to compensate others for favour done to them or for other reasons . My dear, your marriage is the bedrock of your future and happiness . If you trade it just to compensate anyone below God's perfect will for your life and your set values , you are not wise .
2. Never marry a promiscuous man or lady hoping to change him or her after the marriage. Marriage does not cure immorality, only Salvation does.
3. Never marry a lady or guy who does not respect their parents. If …

Rekindling Romance in Your Marriage

To be romantic in marriage is to be productive. Romance is to your marriage what the bullet is to the gun. one of the oil you need to service your marriage is romance. How do we do that?
1. Increase better communication with your spouse. This jet age, you can send romantic and love text messages to your spouse at the click of a mouse or via Whatsapp, Facebook etc. If you don't make your spouse laugh everyday, you are not doing your job well as a romantic spouse.
2. Dress to seduce your spouse whenever you are in your bedroom. But dress decently when you go out. Don't dress like a Reverend father or sister in your own bedroom. Your bedroom should be a love garden, not a crusade ground.
3. When you want to kiss, kiss well. kiss passionately with your entire being as if you won't kiss again tomorrow. Make your spouse desire for more  from you everyday.
4. Learn to do some daily chores together like washing the dishes, cooking, watching movie, reading or even telling stories …