10 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Marriage

A wise one learns from the mistakes of others , but the fool wants to experience it himself . Some mistakes in marriage are irreversible once they have been made . And if you are able to reverse them , you will reverse them with much injuries .  It is important for you to know these mistakes now that you are not yet married and avoid them by all means . Now let's see what these mistakes are. 
1. Never marry anyone out of pity else you end up in the pit. Some people make the mistake of using their marital destiny to compensate others for favour done to them or for other reasons . My dear, your marriage is the bedrock of your future and happiness . If you trade it just to compensate anyone below God's perfect will for your life and your set values , you are not wise .
2. Never marry a promiscuous man or lady hoping to change him or her after the marriage. Marriage does not cure immorality, only Salvation does.
3. Never marry a lady or guy who does not respect their parents. If they do not respect their parents, they will not respect you after the marriage.
4. Never marry anyone because of money, position, fame or status. Things do change, and people lose all they have. Marry someone you love.
5. Never marry anyone because of beauty, body stature or colour. These things are not constant. Marry someone if you love their personality because that does not change.
6. Don't marry anyone hoping they will solve all your problems. Only God can. Be industrious with your own hands, if you later find a spouse who has a good vision, it is a plus.
7. Don't marry anyone because you think they are good on the bed. A good dickson or sweet honey pot does not pay the bills or put food on anyone's table. Marry someone who is committed in the other important areas of marriage.
8. Don't marry anyone because they live abroad. Your help comes from above and not abroad. Many guys in abroad have already married to white ladies to get their green card. Don't be deceived.
9. Don't marry anyone who does not have good home upbringing. You may regret it if you do.
10. Don't marry anyone who is not a believer of Jesus Christ. If you marry the devil's son or daughter, Satan will become your father inlaw. When choosing a life partner, it is better to pray, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and as well the wise judgment of your common sense.
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