10 Reasons Why You Should Love Again

1. You should  love  again  because God does not  consult your past  to determine your future . Even if you have failed  several times in love and relationship,  God can put your  broken  pieces  together  again  and give you  the love of your  life.
2. You should love again because disappointment is not final  and love  has no end.  You can always find someone who will give you the  true  love you have  so much desired,  if you keep believing  in love and search tirelessly  for  it.
3.  You should love again because you shouldn't allow somebody to  just walk into your life,  ruin your happiness and  disappear into the thin air.  You 've got to be strong, encourage yourself and move on  as if nothing happened.
4. You should love again because while you sit in your corner crying and weeping  over those who hurt you, rejected you, broke  your  heart and abandoned you, they are somewhere enjoying  themselves  with  another lover. So make  yourself  happy  too.
5. You  should love again because love is not just a choice, but a  commandment ( John 13:34).
6. you should love again because you have all it takes to love  again and to succeed in your marriage and relationship. If your past relationships didn't work out, that do not mean you are  not meant to  get  married.  Rather it means you have not met the right partner  yet.
7. You should love again because there is no one single man or woman God stamped to be your  spouse. Rather  God brings different relationships on your way for you to  make your  best  choice. ( Deut  30:19, Gen 2:19-23).
8. You should love again because you are too precious to waste away without a true love and serious relationship.
9. You should love again because someone needs your love and caring to survive.
10.  You should love again because to err is human but to forgive is divine. So forgive God, forgive  yourself and forgive those who hurt you. Let go of your past and give love a second chance.
. . . To be Continued
- Damian Alamba


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