12 Foolish Things Some Married People Do

1. Some men refuse to eat their wife's food when they are angry. That's very stupid. Is the food not cooked with your hard earned money? Who is losing, you or your wife?
2. Some women refuse to cook for their husband when they have a misunderstanding with their husband. If you do that as a wife, you have given your husband free ticket to eat outside. That's very stupid you know.
3. Some husband and wife refuse to sleep together when they have a little misunderstanding. When you do that, you are giving your spouse a free ticket to look for someone to sleep with. Be wise.
4. Some married people begin to break TV, destroy refrigerator and other things in the house when their spouse offends them. That's total madness. Did the TV or fridge offend you? If you destroy refrigerator now, which one will you use tomorrow?
5. Some married people cheat on their spouse when there is a misunderstanding among them. That's foolishness. Even if you reconcile tomorrow, guilty conscience may kill you. So don't do anything that you will later regret of doing.
6. Some married people fight and beat their spouse when there is a discrepancy between them. That's foolishness in the highest order. You and your spouse are one flesh. Can you beat yourself? Except if you are insane !
7. Some married people stop going to church when there is a misunderstanding between them and their spouse. That's foolishness. Is God the cause of your problem? If God didn't in anyway offend you, shying away from church when  you have a misunderstanding with your spouse is foolishness on your part.
8. Some married people pack out of their matrimonial home to live in a friend's house when there is a misunderstanding in their marriage. That's foolishness. If you leave your home, someone who knows the value of your home may occupy it before you come back.
9. Some married people ask for advice from their friends who are still single when they have issues in their marriage, forgetting the fact that unmarried people do not have much experience in marriage matters, let alone advising someone on it.
10. Some married people get themselves drunk or engage in other dangerous things just because they had a problem with their partner or relationship . That's foolishness because even if you kill yourself in anger or depression,  that cannot solve your problem.
11. Some wives pack their bags and run back to their parent's house any time they have issues with their husband. That's stupidity. The day you got married was the day you left your parents to cleave to your husband . If you keep running to your parent's house any time you have problems with your spouse , it shows that you are not matured for marriage and that you are still dependant on your parents .
12. Some married people do this crazy thing of pampering, petting and over protecting their children when the children  do something that deserve them to be disciplined. You may think you are protecting your children but unknowingly, you are spoiling them in the long run . Correct your child in love when the child goes astray. Teach your child the right way to follow and when the child grows up , he will not depart from it. Don't side your child when your spouse is discipling him. Join forces with your spouse whenever you want to discipline the child . It will show your child that he has no where to hide when he misbehaves. With that perspective , the child will try his best to behave well.
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- Damian Alamba


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