5 Ways to give Your Spouse a Better Sex life

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The science and art of love making involves more than just actual intercourse; it takes some extra effort on the part of the man and the woman to make sure that both are sexually satisfied.
While most partners focus on their own pleasure at the detriment of their lover, it is important to know that this could actually have a negative effect on your marriage in the long run with issues like your partner losing interest in love making and even seeking for sexual satisfaction from someone else if the partner involved is not a child of God.
Here are the simple ways you can make your spouse happy every time you make love together.
1. Be romantic
A lot of men and women just cannot be bothered about romance and we don’t know why considering it goes a long way in making the process memorable for both the man and the woman. It is not that hard really just throw in a little something extra – As the man, get her flowers, a nice bottle of wine, chocolates, good music, tell her how beautiful she is, you know, all those kind of things women like and want to hear. Just go ahead and toss her until she begins to long for you inside her. Romance is for the two couples so the wife also has her own role to play. As the wife, it is your duty to seduce your husband. Lure him to bed by displaying the woman in you before his eyes. Wear sexy pants and bra. Dance erotically for him. Pose nude for your husband. Just give him anything that can stir him up to dance 'kerewa' with you. Good touches and some erotic plays will do.
Romance is important couples , don’t you watch movies? So you think all those romance shown on movies are film trick? Upgrade your romance and make your  spouse happy .
2. Never skip foreplay
Dear husbands, here is a little secret you may not know – foreplay is just as important as sex for a woman! Yes, believe it or not, skipping foreplay could be the start of your failure as a good lover, don’t be in too much hurry to ‘remove pant’!
Take your time, kiss your  woman in many ways and places, touch her till and make her shiver until she begs you to take her. Make her want you just as much as you want her. Foreplay is a lot of fun and it helps give her a sneak peek of what to expect, just like a delicious appetizer that prepares you for the main dish, if you mess it up, you better have a good ‘main dish’ waiting for her when the main thing starts, or else you are just a waste of time. Engage in kegel exercise to strengthen your PC muscle and as well get some natural remedies to make sure your manhood worth her time. Dear wives, your husband is not a father Christmas, as he gives you the pleasure of your life, he expects you to do the same for him. So kiss him with passion without pride. Take his dickson in your hands and play with it until he moans in pleasure. Put his love rod in your mouth and give him some good blow job. Prove to your man that you know better than the cheap slut in the street.
3. Pay attention to your Spouse
When you are in bed with your spouse , be sensitive to know when your spouse is giving you certain signs to let you know that you are doing something right or doing it wrong, but if you are not paying attention, you will most likely miss these vital signs.
 Some exciting moans could mean that you are getting it right and should increase your tempo. When you do certain things or touch your spouse in certain areas and he/she resists you or tries to move away, it is a clear sign that he/she does not like it! Register that in your memory so you can do more of the things your spouse likes and avoid the things that wouldn't yield positive results. Please be kind enough to do that! Paying attention to your spouse during sex can make the experience better for both of you , as the excitement of one grows, so does the confidence and excitement of the other too.
4. Give it to your spouse until both of you had enough
The importance of getting your spouse sexually satisfied cannot be overemphasized. Look, you have to make sure your spouse finishes well or reaches an orgasm every time you have sex . As the man, it is also important for you to be a STRONG MAN in the bedroom. Don't give your woman a reason to look for someone else to do the work you cannot do.Your woman needs to enjoy love making just as much as you do, but if you finish too early and leave her hanging every time you make love, she will start to hate your bedroom sessions eventually. Don’t be a one minute man who will pour out his seed even before the game begins. That's too bad bro. But if you are suffering from premature ejaculation , don't give up, there are good natural ways to end the jihad of premature ejaculation and keep you going until she begs you to stop. For the wife, be a professional sex person in your bedroom. Don't lie down like a bunch of dry firewood expecting your man to do all the stuff . Be involved. Make the whole thing exciting by trying new styles. Put your entire being and emotions into your bedroom sessions. Don't play the novice here, else you lose your husband to the hands of calous harlots out there.
5. Be ready for multiple rounds if that is what your Spouse wants
Everyone loves  good sex! You need to understand that. Any husband or wife who says , "I don't love sex" is not saying the truth. Except that person is not sexually fit. Make your sex life a better experience. If you can achieve that with all the right steps listed here, you would most likely need to go another round and more.
There is no time to slack back ! Be ready to give your spouse more pleasurable and satisfying sex life, you can be sure your spouse will repay the favour by doing all those things you love. It's time to revitalize your sex life and make your honeymoon last forever.  Was this article useful?  Please leave your comments or questions below.

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