7 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Man


Sometimes, it may baffle you how an average looking woman will attract a handsome and well to do guy. It is not luck, chance or charm. Every woman can attract her ideal man if she applies the right principles. In this post, I shall be sharing with you some vital principles that can help you to attract your ideal man for relationship or marriage. Do you really want to know how to attract a quality, loving and responsible guy? If your answer is yes, then read on.
1. Make it your habit to look good always: Men are always moved and attracted by what they see. If you want to attract a good looking, quality and responsible guy, you must make it your habit to look good all the time. Work on your looks and don’t take it for granted that no matter how good a product is, if the container has a very bad look, no one will care about what is inside the container. As a woman, it is very important to look neat and fresh all the time. Your hair should be properly kempt. Your manicure, pedicure and make over should be presentable. Your clothes should be clean and properly ironed. Apart from looking good, you need to smell good too as a woman. So get some sweet smelling perfumes and roll on. Ensure that your mouth and teeth are clean and smelling good too. If you have a body odour, control it, don’t pet it. Attracting your ideal man begins from your look. So start from there.
2. Develop a good character for yourself: Your beauty and good look can attract a good man to you but only your character will keep him. Beauty fades with time and age, the only thing that will remain is your character. That’s why some ladies with ugly face but with good character attract some of the good guys. Character is like a seed, you need to cultivate and nurture the virtues of integrity, honesty, love, humility, accountability, purity, self-control and confidence in your life.  Once you pass the test of character, any good hearted man with a right frame of mind will find you attractive.
3. Increase your Capacity and add values to yourself:  Every man looks out for a woman with capacity and values, not an empty vessel and a liability. You need to acquire more knowledge, learn more skills, get some degrees and to some extent discover yourself. Marriage is not a preparatory class, it is a performance workshop. You don’t prepare for destiny in a relationship or marriage. You come into relationship or marriage to perform what you have already prepared for. So it is not too late to go back to school, if you deem that necessary. Because your level of preparation will determine your level of performance. The reason why some guys will only want to sleep with you but don’t want to go into serious relationship or marriage with you is simply because you don’t have enough capacity to command their commitment. Who doesn’t like to date or marry a successful and wealthy woman? Once the lady is godly and of a good character, whether she has a fine face or not doesn’t matter.
4. Be at the right place at the right time: Believe me that your environment or sphere of contact will determine to a large extent the kind of men that will meet you. It is good to be in a good place at a good time, because that’s where you will likely meet good men. In this regard, I advice you to be in church meetings, social gatherings and other good places out there. While it is not a bad idea to enjoy a breakfast in a nearby restaurant or fast food, it is important to avoid places that can tarnish your image or suggest you to be a bad girl to a potential suitor.
5. Keep good company: The kind of friends you keep or go out with can hinder or increase your chance of attracting your ideal man. A wise man said, “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.  What this implies is that people will always judge you based on the character and behavior of your friends. So if your friends are wayward and bad mannered, people will assume you to be like your friends. Therefore, make and go out with friends who are godly, purpose driven and well behaved.
6. Render acceptable service: It is a true fact that many ladies have found their ideal man while rendering a quality service in church, office, business place or any other place of duty. While you are doing whatever you are doing, somebody is watching you. That’s why you must show some level of faithfulness, commitment and diligence in everything you are doing. A good man can see your good works and develop interest in you. Someone who knows your hardwork can even recommend you to another guy who doesn’t know you. That’s how some hard working ladies got married.
7.  Be yourself and Be Real: Fake women attract fake men while real women attract real men. It is a principle. You can’t cheat nature. If you are a fraudster, lying, deceiving and cheating men in the name of love, relationship and, marriage, you are doing yourself a big disfavour. Because whatever one sows, that’s what one will reap. Be real in your love life. Be real in your relationship. Be real in your affairs with men. Don’t try to pay one man with evil because another man did this and that to you. When you say, “I love you”, mean what you say and let it flow from your heart. Be yourself, don’t pretend to be who you are not just to get a man’s attention. When you are real, a real man will love you for who you really are. Was this post helpful? Please leave your comments and questions below. God bless you.
© Damian Alamba


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