Building Trust in Your Marriage

Trust  is not forcefully demanded in a  relationship. Trust  is earned. Trust is not  a  wedding gift or love song,  trust  is built up by a spouse who wants  to  experience marriage without tears.
Covenant values of trust
1. Trust will make your spouse or partner to commit  greater responsibilities into your care.  Some people don't allow their spouse to touch certain areas of their business, finance, ministry etc bcos they don't trust their spouse. When your spouse trusts you,  he/she wouldn't mind putting everything in your hands.
2. Trust will move a good marriage to a better marriage and a better marriage to the best marriage.
3. Trust will provide everlasting security to your marriage and relationship such that when others are crashing,  your own will be  bouncing.
4. Trust will reveal you as a  man or woman of integrity, values and godly standard before your spouse.
5. Trust will make your spouse to defend you both in public and in private when people criticize and accuse you falsely.
6. Trust  will make your spouse to love you more. Because who you trust,  you are bound to love.
7. Trust will earn you respect and appreciations from your spouse. When your spouse trusts you,  he /she will recommend you before people.
8. Trust will exempt you from unnecessary scrutiny and suspicion from your spouse. When your spouse trusts you, he/she will not be  suspecting and monitoring every move  you make.
How Do you Build Trust?
1. Be honest and sincere. When your yes is  yes and no is no,  trust is built.
2.  Be a lifetime lover of righteousness and one who hates anything evil with  passion. Once your spouse knows you to be like that,  he/she  will trust you.
3. Be a keeper of  promises. Don't  promise what you can't do. Keeping promises can make your spouse build trust in you.
4. Maintain your integrity. Forgiveness is instant but building trust can take  some time. If you want your spouse to trust you keep doing good,  keep your integrity as long as you both live. If you change from good to bad,  you lose the trust your spouse has in you.
5. Be loyal to your spouse. If you are a betrayer, you cannot earn the trust of your spouse. Protect and defend the  interests of your spouse.


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