How to Attract Your Ideal Woman

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Are you looking for a girlfriend or a good woman to marry? Whichever one you want, there are certain things you can do to attract your ideal woman. Let go of your phobia to approach a lady for a relationship. Discard every kind of fear and wrong perspective you have for women. As a man, you should know what to do to attract any woman of your choice. You need to allow women to see you as the person you are and like you for who you are and not for what you have. You don’t have to sacrifice your personality or pretend to be who you are not just to get a woman to like you. All you need is to make good adjustments in your life and character, any woman with the right mentality will appreciate you for who you are. In this post, I shall be sharing with you 7 things you can do to attract your ideal woman. Let’s get started.
1. Practice Good Hygiene
Women, generally like a good looking guy who is neat and dresses fine. Practicing good hygiene will be a nice bait to attract your ideal woman. Keep your hair clean and properly styled. Your nails, beard, clothes and mouth should be kept clean at all times. Women like a guy who smells good. Apply a good perfume, aftershave and roll on, women have a notch for guys who smell good. A very bad smell or offensive body odour can repel any woman and scare them away from you. Guys, carrying bushy beard doesn’t make you the man before any woman. Bushy and over grown beard makes you look dirty and haggard before any responsible lady.
2. Appear and talk with confidence. Women like guys who are confident and they dislike guys who have no confidence, vision and a sense of purpose. When you want to talk to a woman, talk straight. Don’t fidget like a coward. Be bold. Look straight into her eyes while talking to her. You don’t need to own a private jet before you can attract a woman of your dream. What you need is confidence, a clear vision and a sense of purpose.
3. Be Humble in your conversation and behaviour. Every woman hates an arrogant and pompous guy. But once you are sincerely humble and down to earth, you are the dream of every good woman. Don’t brag too much about your achievements and possessions, such arrogant tendencies will score you zero before any good woman.
4. Be a loving and caring man. 98% of every woman wants to date and marry a man who is loving and caring. If you are the type of man who doesn’t believe in love, no woman will want to go into any relationship with you. Every man who is a genuine lover will never lack his soul mate or life partner.
5. Be a generous giver. Women naturally love a man who is a giver. And giving doesn’t only end with money. You can give your time, ideas, talents, a flower, a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, a surprise package. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small to give to the woman your heart desires. Don’t give anything to a woman and expect her to pay you back with her body. That’s not love. If you want your gifts to make meaning to her, attach no expectation or condition to the gift. Just give her because you love her and nothing more.
6. Be Hardworking. No woman wants to date or marry a lazy, idle and jobless man. Before you start looking for a woman, look for a work to do. God gave Adam work before He gave him a woman. So find work before you find woman. Most atimes, what a woman looks out for is not a pocket full of pounds and dollars but a sincere man who has a good vision and is committed to working it out. You can’t be a hardworking man without seeing women crossing on your path.
7. Be a godly man. 85% of women want to date and marry a godly man who has the fear of God. What our ladies are looking for is a man who can bring them more closer to God. If you want to get a woman to love you, show and prove to her that you have the fear of God in you. To be godly is to behave and do things right. It is to walk uprightly. Any man who is not godly will be rejected by so many godly women when it comes to relationship and marriage. Because light and darkness have no fellowship. Be godly and you will get her in no distant time. Was this post helpful? I like comments. Please give us one before you leave this page.
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