How to Handle a Nagging Wife

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Nagging as it regards to women and relationship is constantly harassing someone to do something. It also means to consistently say or do something that annoys someone. A nagging wife or girlfriend will always complain about anything her man does, whether good or bad. You will know a nagging woman by what she will say and do when she is angry and pissed off. A nagging wife or girlfriend is a faultfinder and her mouth is very sharp. She is very loud and cantankerous. Nagging can spoil or destroy a good relationship or marriage. Now several men complain that their wife is a nagging type. In this post, I want to show our dynamic men out there how to handle a nagging wife so that peace and harmony will reign in the family.
1. Live with your wife with understanding- 1 Peter 3:7
As a man, the best way to handle your nagging wife or girlfriend is not to beat her. Turning your wife or girlfriend into a punching bag won’t stop her from nagging the next day. Abandoning your home and children won’t solve the nagging problem in your home. The best way to handle your nagging wife or girlfriend is to live with her with understanding. You need to understand her feminine differences and weaknesses and therefore, overlook her excesses. You should know that your woman is created with a viral power. Her power is in her mouth. And each time she is angry, she lets loose her viral power. Understanding her gender differences and weaknesses will help you to tolerate her in this area. Get to know your woman. Try to understand her better and her nagging nature won’t be a problem to you anymore.
2. Learn to appreciate your wife.  When your wife or girlfriend does something good for you, courtesy demands that you should say “thank you”. Unfortunately, for many men, their ego wouldn’t allow them to say thank you to their woman. But that’s to their own detriment. When you fail to appreciate a woman who deserves to be appreciated, she will turn to nagging to express her dissatisfaction. And if you don’t manage it at that level, it will escalate into some funny bahaviour from her. Make it a habit to always appreciate your wife. Appreciate and commend her when she cooks a good meal for you. Tell her, “Darling, this food is very delicious, you really know how to cook well”. She will smile and say thank you. And next time, she would try her best to make it even better. Appreciate her when she cleans the house and do your laundries. Appreciate her when she gets pregnant for you, carries the baby for nine months, undergoes the labour pains and gives birth to a child for you. If you want to remove nagging from your wife, give her enough appreciation when she does something good that deserves appreciation and commendation. Don’t be an ungrateful man.
3. Make time to listen to your wife. If you complain that your wife talks too much, it is because you don’t listen too much. God put the woman in the relationship to talk and He put the man to listen. Many women resort to nagging because their husband does not listen to them. If you are a good listener, the nagging in your home will stop. Sometimes when a woman does not see someone to talk to, out of anger, she may begin to talk to the wind, herself and for neighbours around her to hear. And a man who doesn’t understand the woman’s gender difference will call it nagging. No, she is not nagging, she is just talking. Whether what your wife is saying makes sense or not, it is your duty as her husband to listen to her if you don’t want her to start nagging. When both of you find time to be alone to talk and discuss as a couple, her habitual nagging will be reduced to minimum.
4. Love your wife as Christ loved the church- Ephesians 5:25-27.
God created the woman to flourish in an atmosphere of love. The best in every woman comes out vividly when that woman is loved and cherished from the heart. Sometimes, nagging women are just victims of denied love and emotional trauma. If a man will genuinely love his wife just as Christ loved the church, there is no way that woman will nag. Why will she nag? What for? Love is everything your woman needs from you. So give it to her and her nagging will end.
5. Excuse her for the mean time. A man and his wife should not be mad at the same time. When the woman is angry and boiling, the man should hold his peace. If her nagging irritates you so much, instead of standing to exchange words with your wife, excuse her for the mean time. Walk away and return when the situation has calmed down. Just take a little stroll. However, don’t drive out if you are angry, lest you kill yourself for nothing. If you want to cross an express road in such a time, you should be very careful and avoid being knocked down by oncoming vehicle when your mind is not with you.
6. Pray for your wife- Luke 18:1
Prayer has proven to be a timeless spiritual weapon capable of handling every human problem. Prayer can change situations. Prayer can move mountains. When you have done all the things I listed for you to do here, it is left for you to hand over the matter to God. Pray for your wife. Whatever you don’t like in your wife, pray to God to change it. There is nothing too hard for God to do. Our God is the God of All possibilities; He can intervene in your marriage and relationship, giving you eternal peace.  God bless your marriage and relationship. Thanks for reading. Was this post helpful? Please leave your comments below.

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