How to Talk to Your Man

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It is not a rumour that many women don’t know how to talk to a man. Sometimes when you see some women in a relationship talking to their husband or partner you may even wonder if she is talking to her house-boy or what. The truth is any woman who does not know how to talk to a man will always have unnecessary misunderstanding with her man. In this post, I shall be sharing with our women out there how to talk to their man, so that they can have a better romantic and happy relationship with their man. Read on if you want to know more:
1. Give your man your attention when talking to him. A divided attention when talking to your man will always get a negative reaction from him. When you are talking to your man or when he is talking to you, give him all your attention. Don’t be talking to your man and be pressing your mobile phone at the same time. Don’t sit with your two legs crossed, chewing gum, watching movie or doing other irrelevant things when your man is talking to you. That shows a non challant attititude and lack of respect on your part. Give your man your undivided attention and focus whenever you have a conversation with him and he will always love to talk to you.
2. Talk and Listen. Effective communication is a two way traffic. If you talk to your husband or partner, always give him a chance to reply or say something. Don’t do all the talking alone, that will make him to ignore you or even get angry with you. Talk and listen to your man. What he will say then will give you a good clue on what to say next. Over domineering your communication with your man is counter productive. When two are talking at the same time, no one is talking in the actual sense. So talk and listen if you want to have a romantic and amiable conversation with your man at all times.
3. Go straight to the point and be factual. Men usually understand things and talk about them from a factual point of view. If you want to tell your man something, go straight to the point. If you start beating around the bush, he won’t understand you. Instead of telling him that there is no blood in your body when you want to drink malt and milk, simply tell him to buy you malt and milk that you would love to drink it. Always talk to your man in the language he understands best. Don’t be too emotional in your conversation, you may find him skipping that.
4. Avoid low self-esteem kind of talk. Depreciating yourself to get your man’s pity won’t make him to listen to you or understand you better. While it is not a bad thing to tell your man your ugly past and mistakes, be honest and moderate about it. Don’t present it in such a way that will depreciate your self worth. In most cases when you find out that your man is the type that will use what you told him about your past to attack you, it is better not to tell him such things. It’s not everything that you must tell your man. Information management is very important for a successful relationship and happy marriage. There are things that you shouldn’t tell your man in order to avoid further problems. It is not every little insult people give you on the road that you must report to your husband when you get back home; unless you want your man to die before his time. There are some unnecessary information that you should manage prudently as a virtuous woman.
5. Talk to your man as your king. It is unfortunate to know that some women talk to their pastor, senior colleague and Boss at work like a king and talk to their husband like a slave boy. That’s foolishness in the highest order. Your man deserves some level of respect from you if you are the wife or fiancé. It doesn’t matter if you are more educated, more popular or earning more money than your husband, you need to talk to him like your king. That’s what will make him to talk to you as his queen. Like I always say, no one came out of his or her mother’s womb talking. We all arrived here and learnt how to talk. So even if you claim to be a bad mouth, you can learn how to talk to your man in a respectful, romantic and prudent manner. Was this post helpful? Please leave your comment or questions below. I would respond to all your questions and comment without delay.
-Damian Alamba


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