Rekindling Romance in Your Marriage

To be romantic in marriage is to be productive. Romance is to your marriage what the bullet is to the gun. one of the oil you need to service your marriage is romance. How do we do that?
1. Increase better communication with your spouse. This jet age, you can send romantic and love text messages to your spouse at the click of a mouse or via Whatsapp, Facebook etc. If you don't make your spouse laugh everyday, you are not doing your job well as a romantic spouse.
2. Dress to seduce your spouse whenever you are in your bedroom. But dress decently when you go out. Don't dress like a Reverend father or sister in your own bedroom. Your bedroom should be a love garden, not a crusade ground.
3. When you want to kiss, kiss well. kiss passionately with your entire being as if you won't kiss again tomorrow. Make your spouse desire for more  from you everyday.
4. Learn to do some daily chores together like washing the dishes, cooking, watching movie, reading or even telling stories together. The more both of you do things together, the more romantic you will become.
5. Learn to pet your spouse. Women are easily moved by words. So a romantic man must be a master of words. Men like a woman who can go all the way for them. So find out what your husband likes and give it to him.
6. Be romantic in foreplay. Love making is not about putting your thing there and going your way. It requires that you give it time to make it a lifetime memory. Learn to play together. Don't lie down like a bunch of firewood. Be involved, play along with your spouse. Engage your entire being in the activity. Give your spouse some good touches. Pleasure your spouse and he/she will never give you pressure.
7. Let your gift make a way for you. Your gift can make a way for you through the heart of your spouse. No one rejects true love. No matter how little it is, a surprise gift for your spouse can make you look like the most romantic husband or wife to your spouse.

© Damian Alamba


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