Understanding the Man's World

Some of the problems many women have with their husbands in marriage are as a result of inability to understand the masculine gender and how a man functions. The first thing a woman who wants to make her husband happy and succeed in marriage should try to know is to understand the man she has come to live with for her lifetime. She should seek to know what the man likes and what he hates. She should strive to know how her man behaves and why he behaves the way he does. All these things cannot be done in one day. Marriage is a lifetime school of learning. You will never stop learning new things from your spouse as the day goes by even if you are married for a decade. For the sake of space, let me quickly say that men are different from women in their behavior and reasons in various ways. Men are not emotional beings, they are logical beings. So many times a man doesn't walk by emotions, he walks with facts and figures. Men are rational thinkers. They consider the two sides when making certain decisions. Men are moved by what they see, not what they are told by someone. Real men don't fight women and children. They protect the weak because that's what they are created to do. Men like sex, anyone who claim otherwise is just not honest. Men like food. A hungry man will not listen to you until he has eaten. Men are full of ego. They like to take the lead. They will fight you with their last blood if you try to struggle the head with them. Men are workers. They are born for that purpose. Sometimes a man can stay away from home just to work some extra time to get money to provide for his family. A woman who is understanding should aid her husband in this area. The man's world is a very funny world yet very beautiful. Get to know how your man behaves and the reason why he does it.
...To be continued
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-Damian Alamba


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