What Name would You Call Your Spouse?

There is a spirit behind every name. whatever name you call your Spouse is what he/she will manifest to you.  Hence,  when considering the name to call your Spouse, you shouldn't call him/her  cheap things like sweet and honey. How much is a packet of sweet and a bottle of honey?  Such things can't cost $5.  Rather name your spouse expensive things like my oil well,  my gold mine,  my Ferrari,  my private jet etc. Secondly,  don't call your Spouse such names that are not romantic e.g  daddy and mummy. If your spouse is your daddy or mummy, how will you make love to him/her?  You would be committing incest.  You have had a daddy and mummy and your spouse can't be another daddy or mummy. your spouse is your one and only lover and you must give him or her a great name suitable for a lover. Lastly, don't call your Spouse Papa Joseph or Mama Blessing. That sounds like calling a stranger. Assuming your spouse didn't born a child for you, won't you give her a  good name? Mama  or Papa  Joseph is not the name of a lover,  let alone a spouse. Learn to call your Spouse a romantic, prophetic, adorable, expensive and honorable name. Take charge of your relationship and marriage, and enjoy marriage without tears. Remain blessed.
... To be Continued!
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- Damian Alamba


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