Before You Say I Do

before you say I do

Virtually, marriage is the dream of everyone most especially the youngsters and this is evidenced in their involvements with relationships. But before you take that great and remarkable step, there are things you must do if fulfilling, enduring and satisfying relationship is your dream.

You don't stumble into a fulfilling, enduring and satisfying marriage by luck or chance. A fulfilling and satisfying marriage is engendered by the deliberate and conscious effort taken by those involved in it.

Marriage is a relationship that exists between a husband and wife. It's a physical manifestation of the relationship that exists between Christ and the Church. It is a school one enters without graduating. It is a lifetime covenant . Marriage is  'until death do us apart'. Marriage is  for a lifetime but I need you to know that when your life is threatened, you need to stay away from the union first. I'm not asking you to divorce but stay away from it for the sake of your life.  So, marriage isn't something one enters casually, if you do,  you may rush out with many injuries. Great preparation is required for a marriage to be fulfilling and satisfying.

You need to understand that you don't prepare in marriage, you prepare for marriage. Your preparation for marriage will determine your experience in it. The marriage you don't prepare for will confuse you when you get there . A soldier doesn't prepare in warfront but before the war begins .

Therefore, before you say "I Do", you must establish first, a relationship with God. Your relationship with God is the mother, bedrock, backbone, for every other relationship. Don't make mistake about it. Before Adam got married to Eve,  he first had a relationship with God his Creator. We're told in Genesis 3:8, that God will normally come down during the cool of the day to fellowship with Adam.

Many marriages have failed, divorce rate is increasing all because people are neglecting this important factor. They're setting at nought the Originator, Initiator, Source and Creator of marriage aside in their marriages. Nothing can survive without its source, neither will your marriage survive on the long run without God.

So, friends before you walk down the aisle make sure you have a thriving relationship with God. You establish a relationship with God by repenting, confessing and forsaking your sins, accepting Jesus as Lord and Personal Saviour, getting alone daily for Bible study and prayer. Was this post helpful ? Please let your comments show it.

Written by  Okolie Samuel
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