How to Deal with a Cheating Boyfriend

One of the signs to know a relationship that will not work is cheating. When a relationship has been infected with the virus of sexual infidelity and unfaithfulness, that relationship is toxic and capable of causing you much pain in the future if you continue with it without caution. If your boyfriend is keeping a secret romantic relationship with another lady outside your relationship with him, he is cheating on you, and vice versa.  Cheating is a red card in every relationship. Because where cheating is present, trust is lost. Cheating is an authentic proof that there is no genuine love in his heart for you. When your partner is cheating on you, there is 98% probability that he is not going to marry you at the end. If he really wants to marry you, why will he be dating another girl behind your back? The fact that he is a double dealer and a cheat shows that he is not serious with you. Do you really want to know how to deal with a cheating boyfriend? Let’s see how to do that.
1. First be sure that your boyfriend is really cheating on you and not a rumour.  Sometimes people can accuse your partner of things he didn’t do just to spoil your mind about him, in order to make you leave your man for them. They can forge lies and cook pretty stories with tangible facts but not the truth. An enemy of your relationship can go to any height to paint your partner black for nothing just to spoil your mind about him. They can come up with a photoshopped image of your partner making love with someone or a video. Whatever the format the propaganda takes, be wise enough to know when your enemy is at work and when you are hitting a true fact. If you really know your partner very well and familiar with what he is capable of doing and what he cannot do, it is very easy for you to distinguish between the enemies’ lies and the truth about your partner. Therefore, make your investigations very well to be sure. Don’t just believe everything people tell you that your partner did or didn’t do. Don’t believe everything you read on the paper or on the internet about your partner. Don’t make your decisions based on the videos or pictures you saw, they can be facts but not the truth; the handwork of your enemies.
2. Ask for clarifications from your partner. A clear conscience fears no accusations. When you hear or read some nasty things about your partner, before you jump into conclusions, you need to sit down with your partner and ask him to clarify your doubts. Don’t assume he did it or didn’t do it. What you should do is to ask him, “Darling, Sister Rose said you did this and that, is that true? Don’t say, “Someone told me that you did this and that”. When you say someone without mentioning a specific name, it means you have started listening to gossips. And for your relationship to succeed, you don’t need to listen to gossips. But when you come up with the name of the person who told you and what she said, it is no longer a gossip, but an accusation. Then it behooves your partner to answer you amicably and clarify your doubts.
3. If you catch your partner in the act, don’t kill yourself! Some people have done foolish things simply because they caught their partner with another lady in the act. If you kill yourself, who is smart then? You or the one who is trying to snatch your man from you? If you die, the husband snatcher will laugh at you and take over your man. My advice is, don’t kill yourself. Don’t develop high blood pressure neither for her, nor for your cheating boyfriend. Hold your peace. Why? Because good men are not yet finished. If your boyfriend doesn’t like you anymore, there is another man out there who will love you and cherish you more than he does. That’s why I said, don’t kill yourself. That your boyfriend cheated on you is not the end of your life.  Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.  Maybe, God allowed you to see the kind of unfaithful, ungrateful and unreliable man your boyfriend is, so that you don’t regret tomorrow when you finally get married to him.
4. Don’t continue blindly with a relationship that is not going to work, quit! A broken engagement is better than divorce. When you find out that your partner is a habitual cheat and has refused to change irrespective of all the love and care you have shown to him, quit. When you have clearly seen that your relationship is showing a red light and has no future, quit. Don’t love with your heart and leave your brain in the village. There is no one person that God labeled your spouse. God gives you several options for you to make your choice. So choose wisely. Disengagement is allowed if your partner becomes unnecessarily unfaithful and irresponsible. That’s the wisest way to deal with a cheating boyfriend or partner. Remain blessed. Was this post helpful? I like comments. Please give us one before you leave this page. Remember to follow this blog and you will get our newsletter free of charge with other numerous benefits right in your inbox.

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