How to Keep Life Going After Early Girl's Pregnancy

When I was in J.S.S. 3, one of my class mates, Esther, got pregnant and thus, she dropped out of school.

A girl in my village, her house is just adjacent to mine, got pregnant also in her junior class and dropped out of school. She's now a mother of children. She got married to the man that impregnated her.

Yesterday, I read a story from a friend's wall here. According to him, he said that a girl of about 20 years was scolding her baby boy she had out of wedlock and said, "I have accepted my fate. I don't want your life to be like mine. You better listen to what I'm telling you''.

I want to butress two points with these stories. This have been in my mind since this week but have just being procrastinating. Finally, I've gotten the push I need to write it. I believe someone somewhere needs this.

You see, as a young girl, the fact that you got pregnant out of wedlock is NOT enough reason to drop out of school or stop whatever you're doing. Granted, you made a mistake and got pregnant at wrong time but that shouldn't deter you from pursuing your dreams.

Education is not limited to age. Dreams do not have expiration date. So, after pregnancy and the weaning of your child you get enough time to complete your education and to pursue your dreams. DON'T be like the girl in third example above who have given up on life and accepted her fate.

Rise up, dust your behind and move on. Learn from your failures but don't worry much about them. It doesn't worth the time.

Secondly, it is not a MUST that you will marry the man that got you impregnanted. Don't allow the fact he got you impregnanted or the fear of remaning a single parent or the pressure from your family persued you into doing what you don't want. You still have a very long way to go.

Pregnancy is not an end to the pursuit of your dreams and aspirations in life. This may not be easy, but with determination, persistence and a burning desire to succeed, you will come out victoriously! I believe in you!

Don't forget, pregnancy shouldn't be the end to your education and the pursuit of your dreams.

Written by Okolie Samuel
A Guest Writer @


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