How to Solve Problems in Your Marriage

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Every marriage has its own challenges. There is no perfect marriage or problem free marriage anywhere. While couple A is facing the problem of the fruit of the womb, couple B may be going through some kind of financial hardship. It is just like that in every country. The truth is, if you have problems in your marriage, you are not the only one, other couples do. But the way you see your problems and the way you handle them determines how long your marriage will last. Couples who stay happily married have learnt how to handle their problems. When a problem comes up, they either allow the problem to pass away or work together to create a lasting solution. Learn  to value your marriage because there is no special problem in marriage. Every problem is a common problem. Don’t make your own to look special. Below are some vital steps to resolve conflicts in your marriage.
1. Talk it over with your Spouse. As a good woman, know how to talk to your man. Every marital conflict has a solution. If the couple can come together as one body and talk to each other in a humble and sincere manner, there will be a solution. Better communication with your spouse is a tangible force for handling conflicts in your marriage. When you talk to your spouse, listen and give him chance to respond. Allow each other to express himself. Things spoil and issues go out of the frying pan into fire when couples habour their grievances within their heart. It is better to open up to your spouse and express yourself. A problem shared, is a problem half solved. By all means, it is not good to bring in a third party into your marriage matter. Because sometimes, the people you want to call to settle the problem in your marriage also have their own problems to settle. In most cases, after involving third parties in your marriage, what you get in return doesn’t worth it. When they get back to their homes, they will use the things you told them about your marriage and spouse to make mockery of you in the secret. You and your spouse are the most qualified persons to discuss and handle issues in your marriage. If two of you can talk it over, a solution will come out.
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2. Take it to God in Prayer. Prayer works wonders in settling marital disputes. Instead of arguing or fighting your spouse, take that matter to God in prayer and God will intervene in your case. Every spouse who knows how to kneel before God in prayer will stand strong in every situation. When you don’t know what to do, pray. When you know what to do also pray. Sometimes problems come because we don’t pray. Don’t wait until problems come before you pray, pray before the problem comes. Store up prayer in reserve for your spouse and marriage. Prayer doesn’t die. The prayers you pray today can help you tomorrow. There is no problem God cannot solve. And there is no man or woman, God cannot handle. Pray until something happens. Pray until the problem is solved.
3. Let it go! Some problems in your marriage are not worth fighting for. Let them go! You need to understand that the devil doesn’t like the fact that you are married. He is the one pioneering problems in your marriage. He wants to scatter your marriage. The devil’s plan is to put asunder between you and your spouse. He uses many tactics to achieve his plans. Don’t let the devil destroy your marriage. Don’t allow his plans to work. Shame the devil and save your marriage. Sometimes, you have to tolerate a lot  of nonsense from your spouse because you don’t want the devil to laugh at you and your marriage. You need to know how to handle a Nagging Wife. You know some people have already concluded in their minds that your marriage is not going to work. They are waiting for the day you will pack your bags and quit the marriage. But are you going to fulfill your enemies prophesy about your marriage? God forbid! Prove them wrong. Let it go!
4. Forgive and forget. Forgiveness means to let the captive go free. And when you have forgiven, you will realize that the captive was you. Because when you hold ill feelings against your spouse, you are holding yourself captive. You are boiling inside and killing yourself without knowing. That is tantamount to foolishness. Anger has never done anything good in marriage. Unforgiveness and bitterness will never bring any gain to your marriage. Forgive and forget.
5. If the matter gets out of your control, see your pastor or a qualified marriage counselor for advice. Two good heads are better than one. In the multitude of counsels, there is safety. Don’t be wise in your own eyes. Before you take laws into your hands see your pastor or marriage counselor for advice. Sometimes, one good advice from the servant of God or a godly mentor can save your marriage from many problems.
6. Give it time and be patient. Impatience has taken many marriages to the burial ground. Time shall tell how much you love your spouse and how much you value and respect the institution called marriage. I have discovered that every problem has an expiring date. The problem you see in your marriage will not last forever. It only came to pass away. Don’t expire before your problem expires. Be patient and give God time to sort things out for you and your marriage.
7. Don’t always claim to be right. The reason why many couples are always having problem is because they always claim to be right- No one is wrong and no one is willing to accept the blame. Two wrongs cannot make a right. Learn to accept responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t claim to be right always. These three words can save your marriage- “I AM SORRY’. Sometimes, you can say, sorry darling, it’s all my fault. It may not be your fault but to save your marriage, it is your fault. Pride is a marriage destroyer but humility can save your marriage. Do you have a problem in your marriage? My prayer for you is that after reading these gracious words, God will use you to solve the problem in Jesus name. You are the answer to the questions in your marriage. You are the solution. Go and do what you have just read in this post. I expect to receive your testimony in my inbox or comment box. Cheers! Was this post helpful? I like comments. Please leave your comments and questions below.

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