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Breaking The Circle of Marital Crises in Your Family

Some of you are from a broken home, troublesome marriages and very bad family background. You may have heard or seen your father and mother fighting over every little issue. Guy, you may have heard or seen your father punching your mother like a heavy weight champion at the sight of every little provocation. If you don't confront the Forces that defeated your father's marriage, they may also defeat your own marriage. Lady, you may have heard or seen your mother verbally abusing and disrespecting your father. If you don't confront the Forces that defeated your mother's marriage, they may also defeat your own marriage. There is this lady in town, her mother married the first husband and divorced him. She married the second husband and divorced him too. Lastly, she got married to her third husband and the same forces driving her away from her home couldn't allow her stay in her marriage. The third one also ended in divorce. Eventually, her first daughter grew up and …

Why Men Always Ask You For Sex Before Marriage - Part 2

1. You always visit your man's house during late hours of the night. Visiting your man's house is not bad. But visiting your man's house during the late hours of the night increases the risk that he may ask you to sleep over in his house. And when that happens, you may not have the nerves to say no if he insists. The best thing to do is, don't visit your man's house during the late hours of the night. Go to his house when you can comfortably see him and go back to your house without sleeping over in his house.
2. You always sleep alone with your man. When two young people of the opposite sex sleep alone on the same bed, there is going to be a spark of chemistry among them especially if they have feelings for each other. You are not a firewood. So don't give the devil an opportunity to tempt you. Don't sleep alone with your boyfriend in the same bed unless there is no other place you can sleep when you go to his house and the need arises for you to sleep …

Why Men Always Ask You For Sex Before Marriage

" Why do I end up with the worst of men? Why do I always experience one sided love in a relationship? Why is mine different? Why is it all sex? Is there no more love?"

These were the rhetorical questions and heart cry of a lady. I decided to provide some answers to these questions because of several other ladies around the world who are going through the same ordeal. Ladies, I tell you the truth, true love is real, but it is not cheap. Every important treasure on earth comes with a price tag. Your hunger for True love will cost you to say no to so many relationships, delete some numbers from your phone, cancel some appointments and separate yourself totally from so many fake people. If you don't really know what you want in a relationship, you can fall for anything. But when your mind is already made up on what you want, you won't even need to ask those questions up there because you won't start a relationship without a divine destination. Many people have f…

How To know God's Will in Marriage

It is not difficult for a child of God to know God's perfect will for him or her in Marriage. You can't know God's will in marriage if you go to a native doctor or false Prophets to make enquiries. The devil is the father of lies and his agents won't be different. You can't know God's perfect will in marriage if you are burning with Lust and infatuation for the person you want to marry. You can't know God's will in marriage if you make your judgment based on the physical appearance of the person alone without considering the inner character of the person you want to marry. You can't know God's will for you in marriage if you depend only on the confirmations of men and dreams. Human confirmation is not divine approval. And night dreams can be a Mirage except they are directly given by God. So don't make your judgment only based on these things no matter how good they appear to be. How then can you know God's will for you in marriage?
1. …

Why Courtship is Important

A marriage without courtship is like walking in a dark room without light. Many Singles find love and lose their mind. They become obsessed about getting married quick that they even forget that they need to court. In this jet age, people now do husband and wife way bill. The same way they do way bill for a parcel. What I mean is, a man will stay in America for instance and his parents in Nigeria will arrange a wife for him, marry the lady for the man and send the poor girl to a total stranger through way bill. That's very funny. Some Singles do funny things in the name of Marriage on social media. Do you know some Singles fall in love with pictures on social media and even marry the person who they have not seen with their optical eyes before. That's stupidity in the highest order. While it is not bad to admire a beautiful or handsome picture you see online. You cannot marry a picture, you need a real person to marry. Most pictures you see online are not real. Some old me…

How to Know When You are Dating the Wrong Girl or Guy

1. When you displease God to please her. And she is comfortable with it.
2. When she insults and disrespects her parents before you. The truth is, if she deliberately insults her parents before you, she will also insult you before your friends.
3. When she lies to you about her movements, associations, family background and finances.
4. When she does not appreciate the little things you do for her.
5. When she hardly gives you her attention, hardly calls you or reply your messages.
6. When she mounts pressure on you for sex and even threatens to leave you if you fail to sex her.
7. When she regularly takes money from your pocket without filling it back. Or makes consistent demand on you which is beyond your income.
8. When she dresses indescently and doesn't feel any shame about it.
9. When she lacks good manners and doesn't see any need to change for good.
10. When she keeps bad company and maintains contacts with her Ex and doesn't see anything wrong with that.…

When You Don't Know Who to Marry

Sometimes, out of ignorance, inexperience and immaturity, some Singles fall in love to someone who they shouldn't even love in the first place. Just like the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave, they insist on marrying that partner their hearts desire against all the counsels of Parents and elders. Some even go to the extent of loving someone more than God and stubbornly choosing to marry him or her against that inner still voice of the Holy Spirit. The end of it all is regret, heart break and divorce. So it is not about choosing to marry someone you like, it is more important to know whether the guy or lady you are dying for is worthy of your love. Take it or leave it, you cannot marry just anyone you like. There is a man or woman suitable for you which God has designed for you to marry. While it is not the primary duty of parents to choose a wife or husband for their son or daughter, it is also important for one to listen to the voice and advice of parents and elder…

10 Commandments For a Successful Relationship

1. Thou shall honour God in your relationship and put Him first in everything you do.
2. Thou shall love your partner with all your heart, His God shall be your God and his people shall be your people.
3. Thou shall not cheat.
4. Thou shall not beat your partner or hurt him/her with abusive words. For all that do these are liable to fail in their relationship.
5. Thou shall be a giving and caring partner. For all that do these are usually successful in their relationship.
6. Thou shall work smart to earn a good income. For money is important in marriage.
7. Thou shall be committed to your partner in everything. For a relationship without commitment is a failure.
8. Thou shall be humble and down-to-earth. For arrogant and proud people don't succeed in relationship.
9. Thou shall protect your partner. For a relationship without protection is open for corruption and destruction.
10. Thou shall praise your partner. For a relationship without Praise will end up in pressure.
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How To Find True Love

The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God. So it is clear that only God is the one who can give you the true love of your life. My dear lady, you won't find true love by dressing like a harlot and posting your nude pictures online. Men who see your naked body for free can only use you and dump you like tissue paper. They won't love you for that. You can't find true love by opening your legs for men who don't even know the road that leads to your father's house. Sex before marriage only makes you a cheap material, not a lovable diva. You won't find true love if you continue to lie to men and deceive them in the name of love because whatever anyone sows, that's what he /she will reap. If you sow fake love, you will surely reap fake love now or later except you repent. You can't find true love if you think you can find it by your own strength and power. Your beauty, good shape, money, certificates and class can only attract a relatio…