10 Commandments For a Successful Relationship

1. Thou shall honour God in your relationship and put Him first in everything you do.
2. Thou shall love your partner with all your heart, His God shall be your God and his people shall be your people.
3. Thou shall not cheat.
4. Thou shall not beat your partner or hurt him/her with abusive words. For all that do these are liable to fail in their relationship.
5. Thou shall be a giving and caring partner. For all that do these are usually successful in their relationship.
6. Thou shall work smart to earn a good income. For money is important in marriage.
7. Thou shall be committed to your partner in everything. For a relationship without commitment is a failure.
8. Thou shall be humble and down-to-earth. For arrogant and proud people don't succeed in relationship.
9. Thou shall protect your partner. For a relationship without protection is open for corruption and destruction.
10. Thou shall praise your partner. For a relationship without Praise will end up in pressure.
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