Breaking The Circle of Marital Crises in Your Family

Some of you are from a broken home, troublesome marriages and very bad family background. You may have heard or seen your father and mother fighting over every little issue. Guy, you may have heard or seen your father punching your mother like a heavy weight champion at the sight of every little provocation. If you don't confront the Forces that defeated your father's marriage, they may also defeat your own marriage. Lady, you may have heard or seen your mother verbally abusing and disrespecting your father. If you don't confront the Forces that defeated your mother's marriage, they may also defeat your own marriage. There is this lady in town, her mother married the first husband and divorced him. She married the second husband and divorced him too. Lastly, she got married to her third husband and the same forces driving her away from her home couldn't allow her stay in her marriage. The third one also ended in divorce. Eventually, her first daughter grew up and got married. The same forces that drove away her mother also drove her away from her home. Her own first marriage ended in divorce. Hear this, until you confront your past, you cannot conquer your present and future. Until you deal with your root, your fruit has no future. Family Curses, demons and marital problems are inheritable. They can pass from parents to their children. The Bible says, the fathers have eaten sour grape and their children's teeth are set on edge. Let me ask you these questions, what challenges or problems are you facing now in your relationship and marriage? Did your father or mother go through the same problem in their relationship and marriage? If yes, the deal with it. I want you to take your mind back to the family where you came from. What is the marital experiences of the members of your father's house? To help you do that I will list below some demonic marital crises many families experience. If you can notice one or more of what we have on our list below, then you need to confront those negative marital circles in prayer and repentance.
Common Circle of marital crises in many families are:
1. Delay in Marriage.
2. Consistent disappointment in Marriage.
3. Getting hooked up with the wrong guys or girls.
4. Financial setback or financial hardship once the right partner shows up.
5. Always quarreling with spouse for nothing.
6. Spiritual husband and spiritual wife attack.
7. Irresistible inner push to quit or run away from the marriage once there is a little challenge in the relationship.
8. Unable to be sexually faithful to one man or woman.
9. Unable to submit to and respect one's husband no matter how good the man is.
10. Beating up the wife at every little provocation.
11. Insulting and verbally abusing the husband and calling him all sorts of names once provoked.
12. Constant misunderstanding with the spouse over every little discussion or argument.
13. Having kids out of wedluck.
13. Cohabiting with a man or woman and giving birth to children without fulfilling the marriage rites.
14. Separation from spouse after wedding
15. Divorce.
The truth is if you are born again, your case is different. Even if your parents' marriage didn't work out well, your own relationship and marriage must succeed. You don't have to repeat the errors of your parents. You don't have to pack your bags and run away from your marriage the same way your mother did. You can make your marriage or relationship work. It doesn't matter what people have said about your family. It doesn't matter what your father or mother experienced in their own marriage, your own case is different. You can choose to change the history of Marriage in your family. You can choose to have a happy and successful marriage. All you need to do is to correct the errors of your parents in Marriage and don't repeat them. If your father didn't love your mother, choose to love your wife as you love yourself. Choose to cherish and care for her as you do to your own body. Dear lady, if your mother didn't respect and submit to your father in everything, choose to respect and submit to your own husband in everything as the scriptures instruct. And there is no way you won't have a happy and successful marriage.
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  1. I learned this awhile back and found it to be true, I refuse to fail at my marriage simply because of what I was brought up around..

    1. I agree with you OsAu Treadwell. By the virtue of the knowledge and truth you have known about building a godly and successful relationship, may your marriage be full of joy, happiness and love in Jesus name.


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