How To Find True Love

The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God. So it is clear that only God is the one who can give you the true love of your life. My dear lady, you won't find true love by dressing like a harlot and posting your nude pictures online. Men who see your naked body for free can only use you and dump you like tissue paper. They won't love you for that. You can't find true love by opening your legs for men who don't even know the road that leads to your father's house. Sex before marriage only makes you a cheap material, not a lovable diva. You won't find true love if you continue to lie to men and deceive them in the name of love because whatever anyone sows, that's what he /she will reap. If you sow fake love, you will surely reap fake love now or later except you repent. You can't find true love if you think you can find it by your own strength and power. Your beauty, good shape, money, certificates and class can only attract a relationship to you but they cannot give you true love. Haven't you seen beautiful and rich ladies having heart breaks? Men you can't find true love if you continue to do testing and error with every lady who comes on your way. If you think that the best way to know a woman who loves you is when she opens her legs for you, you will be fooling yourself. If sex is the only proof of love, harlots won't be giving sex to men they don't even know, let alone loving. Bro, you can buy almost everything in this world with money, but you cannot buy true love with money. Your money means nothing to a woman if your character is questionable and your heart is not with her. To summarize it all, I want to assure you that true love is real. And there is that special man and woman that God has reserved for you who will love you and care for you from the heart. Just like other treasures of the earth, true love is not impossible to find and it is not too cheap to find. Crude oil for instance, is not found on the ground surface. You have to dig several miles deep into the ground to find it. Gold and silver are not littered in the street. They are hidden and buried beneath the earth's surface. Everything of value in this world comes with a price tag. Now I will give you 12 steps to find true love.
1. Be Born again and live by example.
2. Decide from the beginning that what you want is true love and don't compromise your decision no matter what happens .
3. Acquire relevant knowledge and wisdom about love by reading the Bible and other good books on love, relationship and marriage. Because what you know, you attract, what you don't know, you repel.
4. Develop godly character. Your character is either your greatest asset in your love adventure or your worst liability. Your charisma or talents can attract a relationship to you, but only your character can keep it and turn it into a lifetime love.
5. Be in the company of godly friends. Your location determines your allocation. Where you are sometimes will determine the kind of people you will meet. Don't be found in the gang of criminals, thieves, harlots, fraudsters etc. Surround yourself with godly friends, it will surprise you to know that it was not from a far country that God brought Eve to Adam. It was from his ribs, by his side. The love you are looking for is not too far from you.
6. Prayer. By strength shall no man prevail. If you want to find true love, pray to God to give you one and He will give you. Prayer can move mountains.
7. Throw away every self desperation, worry and wait patiently on God. God keeps the best for the last. It takes alot of patience and confidence in God to find true love. When you are in a haste to marry quick, you may meet the devil's son or daughter. That will not be your portion in Jesus name.
8. Don't be afraid to love again . After several disappointments and heart breaks in the past, it is naturally possible for anyone to hide in his shell. But if you want to find true love, you must keep searching for it. You must not give up.
9. Be Yourself, don't try to impress people. One thing about love is that it has eyes for the original. Someone who truly loves you doesn't care if you have a car, house, money or university degree. What true love cares is, are you original. Be yourself. Be proud of your colour, height, stature, and identity.
10. To find true love, find your purpose first. Your purpose determines your partner. Until you discover yourself first, you cannot find your true love. Who are you? What are you on earth to do? What is God's assignment for your life? Find it first and love will come.
11. Be Kind and good to people. Wicked and hard hearted people never find true love. Bub when you are a kind, good, cheerful and nice person, you will also meet someone who is like you. Because like attracts like.
12. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. There is no specific place where you can find your true love. Your true love can meet you anywhere, anytime, anyday. While it is good to look for your love in the house of God but you must know that not every woman or man in church is a child of God. Demons also come to church with human clothings. Don't be myopic about this. Just be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Many people have found their true love on Facebook, instagram etc and they are happily married till today. But not everyone you see online is a human being. Others are scams and robots. Be wise. Be open and follow biblical principles of purity, righteousness and order. Remain blessed.
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