How To know God's Will in Marriage

It is not difficult for a child of God to know God's perfect will for him or her in Marriage. You can't know God's will in marriage if you go to a native doctor or false Prophets to make enquiries. The devil is the father of lies and his agents won't be different. You can't know God's perfect will in marriage if you are burning with Lust and infatuation for the person you want to marry. You can't know God's will in marriage if you make your judgment based on the physical appearance of the person alone without considering the inner character of the person you want to marry. You can't know God's will for you in marriage if you depend only on the confirmations of men and dreams. Human confirmation is not divine approval. And night dreams can be a Mirage except they are directly given by God. So don't make your judgment only based on these things no matter how good they appear to be. How then can you know God's will for you in marriage?
1. You will have inner peace - Psalm 85:8.
God's perfect will for you will give you peace of heart, peace of mind and peace like a river. When your heart is not at peace, and fear and unrest grips your heart and soul whenever you remember your partner, please watch it. God's will in marriage will speak peace to your heart and soul.
2. Your visions, beliefs and values will agree with each other- Amos 3:3.
God's will in marriage is proven by agreement of purpose, beliefs and values. Two cannot walk together except they agreed. God is not an author of confusion, so He doesn't miss light and darkness together in marriage. Only the devil does that. One major trick of the devil which he uses to destroy great destinies so to look for a man or woman who is going somewhere in God and find another man or woman who is going nowhere and tie them together with the cord of Marriage. When this happens, except God intervens, the destinies of both parties are in jeopardy.
3. God's Will in Marriage is Salvation - 2 Cor 6:14.
Anyone who is not born again is not the will of God for you in marriage. God says you cannot marry an unbeliever. It is foolishness to claim to be wiser than God. The almighty God knows what is in everyone and He warns all His children not to marry an unbeliever. Don't convert and marry. Wait for God to finish His work of salvation first in that person. Anyone who is not saved is not your husband or wife. Take that very serious. If you marry the devil's son or daughter, Satan will become your father inlaw. And you can't stop your father inlaw not to visit your house as long as you are marrying his son or daughter.
4. You will have true love for that person backed up with commitment - Matt 6:21, Ruth 1:16-17.
Your true love determines your real treasure. Where your heart is, that's where your treasure is. God cannot give you a man or woman you don't love. Genuine love backed up with commitment is an authentic proof of God's Will in Marriage. Please if you don't love that guy or lady, kindly let him or her go in peace and not in pieces. There is someone out there who will love and care for him or her just the way he is.
5. Compatibility - Psalm 42:7.
God is a God of varieties. He made the eye to see only in the eye socket. Your eyes don't see on the top of your head. Not every man or woman in the world can marry you. Get that into your brain now. There is a guy or lady who is compatible with you and there is one who is not. Don't make any mistakes about this. Temperaments are as real as your blood group. Just the same way some Blood groups are not compatible with others, that's how some temperaments are not compatible. I am not going to teach you everything about temperament here, but you can pick some of my books on relationship and read, I said something about temperament there. But for the purpose of our subject, I will be very brief about it here. Temperament is the reason why you behave the way you do. It is a part of your gene and will remain in you till death. Holy Ghost baptism doesn't remove your temperament, it only modifies it. Find out your temperament. Are you Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic or Melancholy? You can have two of these like Choleric Melancholy,Phlegmatic Sanguine etc. Here is my law of temperament compatibility in marriage, like temperaments repel while unlike temperaments attract. What I mean is this, couple with similar temperaments are not compatible while those with opposite temperaments are compatible. If you are fire, don't marry fire. Else both of you will burn down your home one day. If you are fire, please look for water and marry him or her.
5. Inner witness of the Spirit - Rom 8 :16
The witness of the Spirit of God in your heart is the most authentic proof to know the will of God for your life in marriage. You didn't create yourself, God created you. So He knows the kind of man or woman that will suit you in marriage. And when you are about to make the choice of a life partner, go to God in prayers. Ask the Holy Spirit, is He the one? Lord what are you saying? Should I marry him or her. As you begin to make enquiries before the Lord in heart pouring prayers and supplication, you will hear God's voice saying he is the one or don't marry him.
6. Open your eyes and ears, Check the character.
If the character of the person you want to marry is contrary to the word of God, he or she certainly will not be the perfect will of God for you in marriage. Because no father will give his son or daughter stone when bread is needed. Don't be carried away by the euphoria of love, check character, it is a proof of God's Will in Marriage. When you see a man or woman that has hot temper, please watch it. When you see a man or woman who is very stubborn, please watch it before you begin to blame witches and wizard. When you see an adulterous and immoral man or woman coming to you for marriage, please run as far as your legs can carry you. Remember Delilah and Sampson.
7. The will of God for you will not contradict the principles of the scriptures. Every choice you are making in marriage which cannot be buttressed in the light of the scriptures is a pure deception from the pit of hell. Follow Biblical principles in all your decision and choice for a life partner and you will not regret it tomorrow. You will not make mistakes in your marriage. By the mercy of God, Heaven will direct your path and help you to know God's perfect will for your life in marriage. Did this post make any sense to you?
© Damian Alamba
Preacher, Author and Relationship Expert


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