How to Know When You are Dating the Wrong Girl or Guy

1. When you displease God to please her. And she is comfortable with it.
2. When she insults and disrespects her parents before you. The truth is, if she deliberately insults her parents before you, she will also insult you before your friends.
3. When she lies to you about her movements, associations, family background and finances.
4. When she does not appreciate the little things you do for her.
5. When she hardly gives you her attention, hardly calls you or reply your messages.
6. When she mounts pressure on you for sex and even threatens to leave you if you fail to sex her.
7. When she regularly takes money from your pocket without filling it back. Or makes consistent demand on you which is beyond your income.
8. When she dresses indescently and doesn't feel any shame about it.
9. When she lacks good manners and doesn't see any need to change for good.
10. When she keeps bad company and maintains contacts with her Ex and doesn't see anything wrong with that.
11. When she is stubborn to a fault and will not accept correction when she is wrong.
12. When she is wise only in her own eyes and doesn't take advice from anyone.
13. When she is violent, aggressive and too eager to revenge.
14. When she is easily angered and does stupid things when she is angry.
15. When she has a stony heart and doesn't hear "I am sorry" or ever says sorry when she is wrong.
16. When she is too materialistic and can do just anything to get what she wants.
17. When she hardly stays at home but prefers to hang out with friends even at odd hours.
18. When she can shout loud in the street and quarrel with anyone who provokes her.
19. When she lacks the feminine home upbringing and uses civilization as an excuse.
20. When she sleeps around with men and calls it her weak point.
21. When she seeks the welfare of her parents and siblings more than the welfare of her husband to be.
21. When she doesn't agree with your beliefs, values and ethics for living.
21. When she doesn't support your vision but rather promotes other people's business more than your own.
21. When she is always bitter, depressed and sad. When you don't see a smile on her face no matter what you give her or do for her.
22. When she is ignorant and doesn't have any desire for knowledge.
23. When she can buy anything for herself but cannot buy even a little handkerchief for you.
24. When is excited to go out with you to a fast food, party or shopping but easily frowns when it's time to go to church,study the word of God or to pray.
25. When she doesn't have any marriage plans for you but delights to have intimate relationship with you.
26. When she is not compatible with you and both of you easily clash over every little issue.
27. When she feels that she is too big for you.
28. When she believes that a woman is equal to a man, and cannot submit to man no matter what happens.
29. When she sees herself as every man's babe. A general wife is not good for a private man.
30. When she doesn't love you as much as you love her.

Note: You don't need to see all these warning signs before you know you are courting the wrong woman. When you see two or more of these traits, use your tongue to count your teeth. In the same vein, a lady can use these guidelines to know when she is dating a wrong guy.

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