When You Don't Know Who to Marry

Sometimes, out of ignorance, inexperience and immaturity, some Singles fall in love to someone who they shouldn't even love in the first place. Just like the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave, they insist on marrying that partner their hearts desire against all the counsels of Parents and elders. Some even go to the extent of loving someone more than God and stubbornly choosing to marry him or her against that inner still voice of the Holy Spirit. The end of it all is regret, heart break and divorce. So it is not about choosing to marry someone you like, it is more important to know whether the guy or lady you are dying for is worthy of your love. Take it or leave it, you cannot marry just anyone you like. There is a man or woman suitable for you which God has designed for you to marry. While it is not the primary duty of parents to choose a wife or husband for their son or daughter, it is also important for one to listen to the voice and advice of parents and elders in such cases as this especially if the parents are born again and Holy Ghost filled. It is not wrong to marry the guy or lady you like but before you do that, check very well to know whether he or she is the perfect will of God for your life. Remember there are three kinds of will in marriage : 1. Your own will or choice in marriage.( This is the guy or lady you choose to marry by your own self. God says, "don't marry him or her", you say I must marry him. The end of your own choice is heartbreak. Whatever God didn't give you will not last for you.) 2. The people's will or choice in marriage.(This is the husband or wife your parents, friends or relatives arranged for you). 3. God's will or choice for you in marriage. Satan is the supervisor of the first and second in our list. Please don't give yourself a wife or husband else you curse yourself without knowing. Don't allow your parents, friends, relatives or even pastors to give you a wife or husband, else you may regret it when it is too late. Allow God to choose a wife or husband for you. When you marry the man or woman that God told you to marry, the end is always peace. God's will or choice for you in marriage may not be exactly what you expected, But sincerely speaking it is the best. So pray and seek the face of God before making the important decision of who to marry or not. Don't allow any so called Prophet to see vision for you. Because they spouse they dashed you through dreams and vision may also leave you like a dream. Let me say this very clearly, it is foolishness to marry a man or woman you don't love. And it is self punishment to keep dying for a guy or lady who doesn't love you. I will say follow your heart when it is the Spirit of God that is leading you, but don't leave your brain in the village. The Holy Spirit cannot contradict the written word of God. If what the Spirit is saying does not tally with what the Bible is saying, prove that Spirit wrong with the written word. Because the scriptures cannot be broken. And when it comes to choosing the right partner in marriage, it is better to follow the principles enshrined in scriptures. You will not make mistakes in your marriage. God will guide your steps and help you to choose the right husband or wife for your life. You are blessed.
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