12 Reasons Why Sex Before Marriage is not Good


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Some men are of the opinion that if you want to marry a woman, you need to "taste" her first by having sex with her to know if she is good on the bed or not . But that is a very wrong idea. Because you can't really know a lady that is sexually active and knowledgeable through premarital sex. When someone is stealing, it's always done in a hurry. In the same way, you cannot truly ascertain the sexual skills and expertise of a man through premarital sex. Real sexual prowess and knowledge are fully exhibited on the matrimonial bed. Sex Before marriage is not good both to your individual life and marital destiny. In this post, I want to show you 12 indisputable reasons why Sex Before marriage is very bad and should not be entertained in your relationship.

1. Sex Before marriage makes you a sinner before God- Heb 13:4, 1 Cor 6:18
The meaning of sex Before marriage is fornication. And fornication is a sin which God will judge. Premarital sex is not fun. It is not making love. When you are having sex with a man or woman who is not yet your legally married husband or wife, you are committing fornication. Sex Before marriage is not Good because it will make you to sin against God. And the wages of sin is death. If you don't want to kill your relationship and marital destiny with few minutes pleasure, say no to sex Before marriage and wait till your wedding night. Sex is worth waiting for.
2. It will destroy the Trust your partner has in you. Trust is not forcefully demanded, it is deliberately earned through character. When you have sex with your partner before marriage, you have destroyed your trustworthiness in that marriage. You are simply saying that you cannot be trusted with the opposite sex. And every marriage and relationship needs trust to succeed and to last long. Do you want your partner to trust you tomorrow? Then show her or him true love and avoid sex Before marriage.
3. Sex Before marriage can make you marry a wrong partner. Love is not blind, but Lust is. Premarital sex blinds your eyes not to see the real nature and true character of your partner. When you start having sex Before marriage, you will begin to see only the good side of that man or woman without seeing the other side of him or her. This can blur your sense of judgment and reasoning, leading you to marry the wrong person. Many people who marry the wrong man or woman are probably guilty of sex Before marriage. If you want to see clear in your relationship and dating, vow never to have sex Before marriage.
4. It portrays you to be a man or woman without moral values and integrity. Premarital sex is a proof of moral decadence and absolute erosion of integrity. Men and women who have moral values and integrity don't have sex Before marriage. They wait until their wedding night. Make your choice.
5. Sex Before marriage can lead to unwanted pregnancy. One of the dangers of sex Before marriage is unwanted pregnancy. You should know that condom doesn't guarantee 100% protection. Pills can fail. Every medical technique for preventing pregnancy can fail. But abstinence never fails. Some ladies who give birth out of wedlock are victims of premarital sex. Unwanted pregnancy can make you a school drop-out. It can make you lose your job in a reputable company. It can bring setback to your business. It will make you a mother or father of a bastard.
6. It can lead to abortion. Sex Before marriage is very dangerous because it can lead you to commit abortion which you never intended doing. Abortion can destroy your uterus. It can make you childless for your lifetime should any complications or unpleasant situation arise. Every life matters. If you don't want to be a murderer of your own unborn kid, say no to sex Before marriage. If you don't want to fill your hands with innocent blood, avoid premarital sex with all diligence.
7. Sex Before marriage can lead to guilty conscience and depression. Victims of sex Before marriage usually suffer from guilty conscience and depression except those who have a reprobate mind. You wouldn't want to do anything that will make your partner to start crying and regretting afterwards. That's the reason to say no to sex Before marriage. If you love your partner and wouldn't want anything that will spoil her mind, please control yourself and wait till your wedding night. Sex is enjoyed when the two partners are ready for it emotionally and morally.
8. It can erode your respect and personality before your partner. It is a proven fact that your partner may begin to treat you like a menstrual rag after having sex with you before marriage. Before you wonder why things are just going anticlockwise in your relationship, check whether you have eaten the forbidden fruit. When you give a man what you are supposed to give him after wedding, you are selling off your respect cheaply without knowing. Be wise and zip up until the right time comes. Sex is worth waiting for.
9. Sex Before marriage will give you a bad name in the society. People around may notice it and begin to see you as a bad person. A good name is better than a sweet smelling fragrance. When you begin to indulge in sex Before marriage, just like pregnancy, it won't be long and people who see your ungodly movements with your partner will begin to see you as an irresponsible person. Do you want to protect your image in the public? Say no to sex Before marriage. You don't know tomorrow.
10.  You can contract sexually transmitted diseases through premarital sex. HIV AIDs is real and it doesn't show on the face. Many people you see that look healthy and okay on their face may be carrying one disease or the other in their body systems. Gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, candidiasis etc can be contracted through unprotected sex when you indulge in sex before marriage. Be careful, many have died. And life has no duplicate. Please don't play with fire.
11. Sex Before marriage can lead to a Soul-tie. Some people find out that they begin to feel some irresistible lust for a guy or lady after having sex with him or her before marriage. It becomes so difficult for them to control the deadly feelings and lust, thereby leading to more sex experiments with the person. It is a problem when your soul is emotionally tied to a man or woman who is not your married husband or wife. That's why some people get married and can't forget their ex. The root cause of this problem is sex Before marriage.
12. Sex Before marriage can lead to demonic possession and spiritual problems. The Bible makes it clear that sex is a gateway for a transfer of spirits. Just as the male and female sex juice are exchanged during sexual intercourse, that's how demons and evil spirits are transferred from one person to another during sex Before marriage. As a deliverance minister, I know what I am talking about. Agents of darkness can destroy someone's business, job, career, finance, health and destiny by simply having sex with a man or woman. There are witches and wizard who pretend to be good friends and lovers in the day time, but in the night they become enemies of destiny. There are some breasts you will suck and poverty will become your next neighbour. There are some men you will sleep with, you will never become a mother again for life. Be careful many things are happening in this world. Self control pays. Discipline will save you from alot of trouble. Don't eat today and die tomorrow. Wait for your time. Say no to sex Before marriage and you won't regret it tomorrow.

Please this article is open for discussion. Feel free to ask questions, comment and contribute your own ideas and opinions using the comment box below. Sex Before marriage is it good or bad?  Tell us the reasons for your answer.

© Damian Alamba


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  2. Benita Chidi said, I thank God for using you to save many souls from premarital sex. Because many people think that it is the best way to show love, without knowing that they are destroying God's given gift upon their lives.
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