7 Challenges True lovers face in Relationship


Every good relationship ordained from God must pass through certain challenges. In the same vein, true lovers in a marriage relationship can experience some of these challenges that I want to discuss with you. I will list these trials of love and pend my humble advice on how to overcome them.

1. Rejection - It is possible that not all your would be in laws will like you. You may be in real love with a guy or lady only to meet the worst shock of your life when you visit the parents of your partner. The mother or father may absolutely refuse to accept you for no just reason. His or her siblings may not like you for any reason best known to them. If you find yourself in this situation, don't quit the relationship or run away from your lover because his or her parents don't love you. The best thing to do here is to persist in your love with your partner and intensify your prayer and faith that God will touch the heart of your future inlaws to accept you as you are. Don't pick offense on their ignorance or rejection. Don't insult them. Maintain your love for your lover and also respect his or her parents. Keep seeking their consent spiritually and verbally until you get it. However, if you have done everything humanly possible to get your would be inlaws consent to marry their daughter or son and they refused, if you are very sure and convinced that God is involved in your relationship, you can go ahead to authenticate the marriage through court marriage and church wedding.
2. Financial challenges – It is possible that you may experience some kind of financial hardship in your relationship. Some people find true love and begin to face some kind of battles in their finances. If that relationship is from God, that financial hardship will not last forever. Because God ordained marriage brings divine favour which in turn commands open doors and financial fortunes. If you are facing this challenge, don’t abandon your partner and run to someone who has money. A poor man today may become a president of a nation tomorrow. Endurance and patience are the mark of true love.
3. Sickness - When you find true love, sickness may want to test the strength of your love. It is important for you to know that love is not a mere feeling or emotion. Love is a spirit. It is a force that conquers all opposition of the enemy. Love grows in health and in sickness, in pain and in gain, in joy and in sorrow. When your partner falls sick, don’t abandon him or her to look for another person. You don’t know tomorrow. That’s the time to stand with him or her in prayer, encouragement and support.
4. Distance – Out of sight is not out of love. When two lovers are in a real relationship, distance may try to stand as a barrier. The good news is that no distance is strong enough to separate two hearts who have joined together by real love. You can break the barrier of distance and bring your relationship to the point of glory. Thank God for mobile phones. You can call your lover on phone 24/7, you can chat, send SMS etc. Don’t allow distance to steal your true love.
5. Job or Career - There are some jobs or career that can pose a great danger on your relationship. The truth about the matter is, you can never run away from meeting people of the opposite sex either in the church, school, bus, petrol station, office or job. So if someone of the opposite sex is always pestering on you for attention or relationship, tell him or her that you have found your true love and mean what you said. Some people singing love songs to you in your office and place of work are mere distractions looking for a cheap guy or girl to use and dump. Cherish, value and safeguard the true love that you have. Don’t ever discuss your private life with your colleagues in the office. If you do, you are giving the devil a chance to come into your relationship. Always pretend to be happy even when you are not happy. Don’t let people in your office notice sadness or worry in your face and ask you why.
6. Trust – The success of your relationship will depend on Trust. And the failure of it will depend on the lack of trust. If you can’t trust your partner, there is no need marrying him or her. If your heart is always beating faster whenever your partner is not around you then something is wrong with you. Trust makes you believe in your partner that he or she will behave well whether you are there or not. Trust will make you to give Your password to your lover without fearing anything. Trust will make you give all you have to your lover and will never regret it afterwards. The problem is that many people have found love, but only few have built trust in their lover. Don’t just love your partner, trust him or her. However, don’t trust blindly. Prove anyone trust worthy before you trust them.
7. Satanic forces – Every problem in the physical has a root in the spiritual. Marital delay, disappointment, heart break etc don’t just happen, there is a demonic force behind it. When you find your true love, Satan and his agents will not be happy to see you get married to your true lover. They will manipulate, attack and fight against your relationship and marriage spiritually. Consequently, you don’t need to fold your hands into your legs singing, “what will be, will be”. You have to wage spiritual warfare against every satanic force standing in the way of your marital bliss. Prayer and fasting can knock out every demonic obstacle standing in the way of your relationship and marriage.
Did you learn anything from this post? Please comment and ask questions if you have one. God bless you.

© Damian Alamba


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