Don't Mistake Friendship for Love

A lady or a man can be your very good friend for a good period of time yet not your lover. Both of you can get along very well to the point that people who see both of you may begin to think that you are love birds whereas there is nothing serious between both of you. As a Single, don't  mistake friendship for love. You may be in a relationship with a guy or lady and you love the other person with all your heart and also think that your friend loves you as you do but the reverse is the case. That someone is closed to you, laughs with you, go out with you, attend the same church with you or even work in the same place doesn’t mean you have found love. Friendship is not love, it is not also marriage. It is what it is, friendship. Many Singles feel heart broken, rejected, abandoned and frustrated when their very good friend of the opposite sex whom they have feelings for finally find love and begin to date someone else. Whose fault is it? Who is to be blamed? The guy or the lady? Most atimes, it is the guy that should be blamed. When a guy walks up to a girl and asks her for friendship and the girl accepts to be his friend, you should remember that this guy didn’t ask the lady for love or marriage. When purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable. Define your relationship from the beginning. If it is only friendship you want, say it from the beginning. If it is everlasting love and marriage you want, say it from the beginning. It is then left for the other person to think and decide if your request can be granted or not. Let me also say this, excess of friendship is dangerous to love and marriage. There should be a margin and boundary in your affairs with your friend of the opposite sex when you don’t have something serious doing with him or her. For instance there are things I can’t do with a lady except she is my wife to be. There are places I can’t go with her except she is the woman I want to marry. I don’t believe in friendship without purpose. Because that’s the cheapest way the devil destroys destinies. Do you know that when you are always too close to a friend of the opposite sex without marriage plan or love, it can scare away your potential suitors? It can block the way for you and make you look like an engaged lady or Guy whereas you are still single and searching. Learn how to Differentiate between mere friendship and romantic love. Please draw a line of demarcation between friendship and love. Draw a line of demarcation between friendship and marriage. Don’t call your girlfriend your wife to be when you didn’t tell her anything about marriage and she never gave you any marriage assurance. The same applies to the ladies.
In conclusion, love and marriage is built on good friendship. But the destination must be properly defined from the beginning. That will help to avoid wasting your time, energy and resources with someone whose heart and love belongs to another person.
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