How to Make Genuine Money Online

Do you have a burning desire to make money online genuinely but do not know how to turn your dreams into reality? Have you been scammed severally by many fake get rich quick systems, products and businesses online? I want to explain to you in very clear terms how to make genuine money online and become the superstar blogger you have always dreamt to be. If you want to make money online in a legitimate way, the first thing you must know is that there is no short-cut or get rich quick scheme in any genuine internet business. Any internet business or opportunity that promises you success without effort is a scam. Unfortunately, many people have fallen for this kind of junk. Just like every offline business requires effort and hard work to succeed, the same applies to every genuine internet business that holds a future. However, you need not to be scared because if others have made it, you too can make it. The good thing about internet business is that it does not take much to start. With just a laptop connected to the internet, you can make a huge amount of money right from the comfort of your bedroom. You don’t need an office to start, you don’t need a huge capital. With a little capital, a laptop and a modem, you can make as much as $250,000 monthly. The good thing about internet business is that you have access to the global market and your business is open 24/7. You don’t need to be an expert in computer before you can start making money online. Anybody can make genuine money online, age, gender, culture and nationality notwithstanding.
Understanding Internet Marketing
As a beginner or newbie blogger, the first question that comes to the mind is, what is internet marketing? Internet marketing in a nutshell is the selling of goods and services on the internet. You could market your own products and services, or other people’s products, advertise for companies and products online and much more. There are four basic steps  in internet marketing namely:
1. Creating Niche Site
2. Getting Traffic
3. Monetizing your blog or site
4. Optimizing your profit

1. Creating Niche Site
The four steps I listed above are the ageless procedures every successful internet marketer or blogger uses to make money online. The importance of creating a niche website with quality and useful content when you want to start your own internet business cannot be overemphasized. Your website is the skeleton and lifeline of your online business. Though you can do business online without having your own website but I cannot advice you to do so because of the many disadvantages that go with it. Having your own website gives you a significant identity and presence on the internet. Anybody can easily find you online by just typing your domain name on any search engine like Google or yahoo etc. Secondly, having your own website makes your business look professional and makes it easy for clients to see you as a serious business person and as well patronize you. One of the greatest advantages of having your own website when starting your internet business is that it will give you a total control over your site and its usage. If you decide to go for a free blog or site on or, one day they can shut down your blog and you will lose your entire business in a twinkle of an eye. Therefore, anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. If you want to do real internet business and make genuine money online, I advice you begin by creating your own professional website. It is not too expensive. There are many sites online that can help you register your domain name, host it and build the site for you at a very cheap price. You can check out sites like, , they can be of help in this area.
2. Getting traffic
Once your site is up and running, your focus should be to drive traffic to your site and increase it every passing minute of the day. When I talk of traffic, I mean the number of people who visit, read or follow your site regular. That is where the real money is. If you want to become a successful internet marketer or superstar blogger, you must understand several techniques of traffic generation. Please understand that many things can increase or decrease the rate of traffic flow to your site. When choosing your niche, choose a niche that you know much about. You need to create your niche site in the field or area of your expertise. You must know a little more above your competitors in other to drive traffic to your site. There is no gain in creating a niche site on a subject that you are a total novice and have no passion for. The niche site that will attract stupendous traffic to your site is that niche that you can be referred to as an expert. Because when people find your contents to be useful and relevant to their success, they will come back to your site again and again. The kind of colour you use on your site can slow than the speed of your site or even make it unreadable for the visitors to your site. You don’t need a Prophet to tell you that when your site is taking much time than necessary to load, no one will want to check on it. A site that is fast in loading, visible with simple colors, and informative will work well in pulling in a huge traffic to your site.
3. Monetizing your blog
When you start your blog or website, the first thing that should be on your mind is to build enormous traffic to your site, money is not the first thing. When you focus on money, you are likely to miss the main thing. But when you get the big traffic, money will come without struggle. I repeat, work hard to build traffic and the traffic will generate the money. In every successful internet marketing, people are your money. Any site or blog where there are several visitors or traffic to the site, there is an opportunity to make money. How do I do that? Start by giving out your services and products for free to get the market. It is called promo in the real market. It is a fact that people love free things especially when it is something that can solve their definite problem and help them succeed in life. I bet you they will come back again the next day and may even refer your site to their friend, relative or colleague. I know you may want to ask me, how can I convert my heavy traffic to money once my website starts attracting multitude of visitors online? The answer to that question is very simple. Once your website or blog becomes a crowd puller on the internet, big companies will begin to come to you to buy an advert space on your site and that can make you a huge sum of money. You can as well subscribe to the google adsense programme and make some cool cash from there. There are many other ways of turning your heavy traffic into a huge amount of cash. I will discuss that in details in my next article.
4. Optimizing your profit
Optimizing your profit is like improving on the whole process we have discussed above to make it yield even more profit for you. When you stop updating your site and making it relevant to the time and season, you stand the risk of suffering a diminishing return in business. Hence, your site must be up to date, flexible and efficient in service to keep producing more profit for you. At this point, you can get an office, employ a team of competent staff and take your business to the next levels. Remember that success has no end and failure is never final. Get started now and join the world of numerous genuine internet millionaires. I wish you success. Was this article helpful? Kindly leave your comments, questions and contributions below. It will help me improve on the topic in my next posts. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back soon to read our updates.

Damian Alamba


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